Cracow – Travel Log 2: Food to Die For


Finally, we get to the most interesting and mouthwatering part that makes Cracow the number one weekend getaway in Europe: Solid cheap and delicious food.

As mentioned in my previous post, we haven’t been to Cracow for quite a while and with Easter, we had the perfect excuse to discover new restaurant and localities in this charming city. Before we got on the plane I did my Instagram check – which I can highly recommend to anyone who needs a couple last-minute dining out ideas – on which I discovered Cracow food blogger @dariasyma the founder of ‘Krakow Places’. Within a couple minutes, I had put together the perfect insider guide with places we both didn’t know. Be aware, you might have a high tendency to drool after this post!

Cracow Places Worth to Visit


Location: Plac Szczepański 2, Kraków

Opening Times:  Monday to Thursday 7 am to 23:45 pm, Friday 7 am to 1 am, Saturday  9 am to 1 am
Sunday 9 am to 10 pm

What to order:

Croissants and Apple Tart

What you should know about me by now is that I have a preference for French food and more specifically Petit Dejeuner. When I discovered Charlotte it didn’t take long until I fell for the place: The big sharing tables, newspaper bars and bright interior were appealing enough for me to decide to stay for brekkie. In total I consumed about 2 croissants with apricot jam and 2 mini cappuccinos over 1.5 hours and that my friend for me is a lot. *stuffed*

Fitagain Cafe @fitagaincafe

Location: Szczepańska 7, Kraków
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 7 am to 10 pm, Sunday 9 am to 10 pm

What to order: Australian Salad, Chicken Crepe

With our day already started off refuelled and energised we decided to keep lunch light and on the healthy side – which btw isn’t easy to find in Poland. After our last Easter errands we headed to spot number 2, Cracow’s hyped lunch place called ‘Fitagain Cafe’.

The place is only 3 min walk away from the main square Rynek Glowny and is located in one of the alluring alleys. The interior is everything a bookworm could ask for: Brick walls that come with alcoves, a magazine shelf next to the counter and cushioned old futons. Oh, and mugs, plates and other kitchen utensils come in baby blue. The dimmed reading corner, right next to the wine racks captures the visitor’s imagination: A well-spent lunch break with your favourite classic novel on a rainy and chilly afternoon in the city.

Miedzy Miastowa @miedzymiastowa

Location: Dolnych Młynów 10/7a, Kraków

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9 am to 12 pm, Saturday 10 am to 1 am, Sunday 10 am to 11 pm

What to order:
Beef Tartare, Steak and Sweet Potato Fries with homemade ketchup and salad

Our last stop before we headed back to London was Miedzy Miastowa, where we decided to go for some hearty meat since Easter was all about the Lent. The place is located outside the city centre and welcomes guests in an old factory hall. With factory buildings, I’ll always find the interior pretty urban: brick walls, plank flooring and high ceilings. Miedzy Miastowa comes with an urban flair and is a lunch spot that approaches young folks, with trained gums that know the difference between an Angus and a Sirloin steak.

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