Wood To Beat Cotton In Your Jeans

Wood in your pants? No joking, I’m serious. Eco-friendly has shed a light on wood as the new hyped fabric used in jeans and knickers.

Wood in your pants? No joking, I’m serious. Eco-friendly has shed a light on wood as the new hyped fabric used in jeans and knickers. And you couldn’t even tell them apart from non-eco¬†pieces. That’s a biggy on the sustainable side, but will it be convincing enough for us to buy?

Wood The New Cotton Alternative

Talking of Tencel, a fabric that is used in skinny jeans at DSTLD, it is also¬†known as the new lyocell¬†fibre likely to replace cotton in future completely. ¬†Made out of wood? Doesn’t sound soft at all. Actually pulp from eucalyptus trees is converted and used to produce cellulose. The Austrian conscious brand Lenzing invented the fibre that is much more breathable than cotton, softer and less likely to wrinkle. Thinking of jeans, this means no longer squeezing into your favourite pair Instead¬†you won’t be able to tell if you just head out on the street in your yoga pants or jeans due to the perfect fit. Also due its breathability you might be able to wear your faves during a heatwave –¬†The fibre absorbs moisture completely, which means it releases it to the outside instead of keeping your legs sticky.

Pretty impressed by the fact that my hometown came up with this…#ProudGirl

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The Price…

Like every other sustainable fashion piece, quality and “long-lasters” have a price. According to Vogue UK “Tencel is not as widely available as cotton and can cost twice as much.” – Ouch. But hey, skipping the one or other night eating out will do it? *fingerscrossed*

Talking of popularity, Tencel as the future fibre is still on¬†the rise. It might take a while until it will settle as a big trend. The list of truly eco-friendly designers that don’t compromise on ethics is still quite short.

“Brands like Stella McCartney¬†are demonstrating that sustainability and fashion can stylishly (and profitably) coexist.” – The Man Repeller

While ethical production comes with the bonus of longer-lasting garments that won’t land in the garbage very soon, it lacks in terms of design – In fact, conscious pieces don’t really “WOW” us yet.

For me personally, sustainable fashion is a double-edged sword. I can proudly say that I’ve got only one bag and a black parka that I would truly never ever give away. But they also were quite expensive. Both of them I have selected wisely from ethical brands in the US and Poland and I really adore them. I agree with the fact that the fashion industry needs to take further steps in terms of ethical fashion especially being environmental friendly¬†in production. Talking of Tencel, it definitely invites views on the future, with fashion producing even more ethically than ever before. I like the idea that brands are aware of how much fashion costs in terms of environmental pollution and that they are taking care of it in each step of their production. If I will lay my hands on a pair of Tencel skinny jeans? Maybe. Coming at ¬£ 171 it is still a jaw-dropping price to pay for a pair of skinnies. What do you think? But I’ll give it a thought.

x Bella

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