Why You Should Workout At Home…

I found out that doing sports at home brings the same results as going to the gym. Check out my list below why you should workout at home instead of a gym.

…instead of going to the gym. A lot of people have questioned me about my workout routine and how I make it without a gym. I spent the last two years with lots of different workouts.

Ā Starting with Zumba, which I did regularly over 1Ā Ā½ years, helped me to loose a lot of weight. Before you’re going to ask yes there was a horrible time when I weight more than 79kg and I didn’t feel well in my body. Dancing was the only thing that helped me to fight those kilos and by the way I also had a lot of fun.

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Somehow I didn’t want to stick to Zumba anymore as I wanted to focusĀ on the well-known bikini body and started with bodybuilding. My first go-to place was the gym and like everyone else I didn’t really enjoy it. I felt depressed and wasn’t happy at all. TheĀ workout plan the trainer gave me was a basic one, nothing special, and I spend mostĀ of the timeĀ atĀ theĀ leg press machine and at the cross trainer. I decided to quit my membership and searched for an alternative that was much cheaper and that fulfilled me with enthusiasm. I think you agree with me, that every sports needs at least one positive thing, so that you can enjoy it in a way ;) To cut it down, Freeletics and Size Zero followed which I did at home with dumbbells and a few other equipment. I found out that doing sports at home brings the same results asĀ going to the gym with the benefit that you don’t need to pay forĀ it. Check out my list below why you should workout at home instead of a gym:

5 Reasons Why You Should Workout At Home

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  1. The lady area is the only space! If you’re irritatedĀ by gawking guys this is your one and only go-to area. At home there’s only you and the mat :D
  2. You don’t need a yoga class to get your sweat session done. A mat, some relaxed music and there you go!
  3. Your own music- When I workout I need motivational tracks. I still wonder why they play those odd radio music playlists in the gym all-day -.-
  4. Running doesn’t require a treadmill – Enjoy the sunny days and nature and go for a run with your bestie. Running on fresh air helps also to clear your mind.
  5. Space problems. What I can say for sure is that the gym is always crowded especially under the week and in after work times. Most of the time you will spend waiting in a line :(

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I guess you will also find much more reasons for yourself and whyĀ you should workoutĀ at home. It’s much better than you might thought at first sight. I can say for myself that this is the perfect thing for me and I enjoy working out under the sun!

I hope I could motivate you :)
xx BellaĀ 

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