Why I’m Going To Study Fashion Journalism

So what about that Fashion Journalism thing that I’m recently into? Honestly, there’s no direct response to it. It’s more a story…

It’s been a while since I’ve been doing a personal post on this blog. The last months were quite crazy and I’m still a bit lost in a whirlpool, but I think that will change with time.¬†

So what about that Fashion Journalism thing that I’m recently into? Honestly,¬†there’s no direct response to it. It’s more a story that started at a certain point and brought me to where I’m now. This post is going to be a quite detailed one and is especially for those who are interested in my little life journey.

Little Chick Does Fashion Writing

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In German language lessons at school I always enjoyed writing stories and interpretations, which helped me to enhance my creativity and achieve a strong voice in the written word. Although I was quite young I have always¬†questioned the things that happened around me. I got my first diary at the age of 14 and soon started reporting and writing down things whether they kept me bothering or left a smile on my face. When there was time between doing homework and learning I read lots of my mums fashion magazines. Somehow I fell for those magazines and I started collecting issues because I were into the covers. At school I didn’t really know what I wanted to become one day¬†but¬†I knew I’ve always had and¬†enthusiasm for fashion. At that time the only thing I could¬†go for¬†in fashion and that existed was¬†tailoring, which I was really bad at and didn’t like at all. So instead of following my heart I followed my parents advice and went to the College of Architecture, in the hope it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I noticed quite soon that it wasn’t the right thing for me but somehow I didn’t leave and graduated after 5 years. So what came next was the point in my life where I knew I had to do a lot on my own.

I decided to do many¬†internships and worked as assistant for stylists and makeup artists. I knew the jobs were unpaid but it was the best thing for me to do, to find out what I’m really drawn to and what not. If there’s one thing that I can recommend everyone to do before starting to work, it’s interning and acquiring first-hand experience ;) Although I’ve learned a lot from all these internships I knew the profession¬†wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do my entire life. I enjoyed being a makeup artist and I’m glad I did my diploma. Applying makeup all day and receiving big smiles and astonishment were the things that cheered me up and¬†brides became one of my favourite clients. Who does not love doing bridal looks? However,¬†I also knew how tough the business rivalry was and the big jobs for magazines etc. were always unpaid ones. Unpaid was okay in times of internships but it can be daunting if you’re in the beginnings of self employment. Money was probably one reason why I decided to give it a pause but the main one was the missing the desire or let’s say it wasn’t a 100 percent there.¬†Besides being a professional¬†I already had my blog, but mainly used it do document my looks and write about makeup up trends and beauty related stuff. At that time I focused on one thing only and you might have known my blog under the name Beauty by Soraya, which became later Wearabelle since¬†fashion was the thing I wrote about most of the time. And yes, I also did an internship in writing¬†and applied for a part time job at a small magazine in Vienna.

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As soon as I started to work there I realized that this was exactly what I wanted to do. My love for writing and the need to always push myself to the next level brought me to my own weekly column and I¬†enjoyed being responsible for writing reviews of¬†diverse exhibitions. It was a worthwhile ¬†internship that taught me a lot about time management and working to deadlines. I knew these were skills I was going to need¬†one day when I plan on working¬†for a renowned magazine whether it’s a small or big one¬†in the fashion industry. ¬†I did lots of research before I made my decision¬†to go to university. Compared to Vienna’s universities, London’s education in fashion has much more to offer and comes with many opportunities and specific subjects of study such as Fashion Journalism. So if you’re planning on becoming a editor, fashion criticism or writer one day the subject will be the right one to pick. So here I am, soon-to-be LCF student who can’t wait to¬†start off it’s 1st year as fashion student. Sorry for the long lines, but only a whole story makes a good one :P

xx Bella

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