White Stripes and Silver Mules

Can’t wait for summer to be ’round to break them in! Although they’re mules, the silver mules aren’t that easy to mix and match.

Happy 1st one girls! Today feels like a casual Saturday to me, I don’t know why but maybe¬†because it’s a public holiday. It is also a special day for my little baby that I’m very proud of wearabelle.co.uk as it shines in a¬†whole new design!

The reason why I wanted a change was because I felt the last design didn’t just suit my needs very well, as I was looking for a new format for the blog. The new design wasn’t easy to costumize and it took me some time to get used to it. So the¬†last few weeks were quite stressful and connected to a lot of brainstorming. However, I am very happy with the results and am super excited about upcoming projects on the¬†new Wearabelle! ¬†A little excursion to the posts that you’re generally used to read but I couldn’t deny to share this big news with you ;)

The Story behind¬†Silver Mules…

Let’s get back to fashion girls!¬†The look that I’m going to share with you today includes all the fresh patterns and trends that you should keep an eye on¬†this season. The silver mules are just the perfect thing if you’re looking for a comfortable yet stylish solution. Even Marilyn Monroe gave them a shot and wore them in the 50s. Since then¬†they became very popular¬†in the 70s and 1980s and are now having a huge comeback in fashion. I can’t wait for summers season to be around to break them in! Although they are mules, the silver one’s aren’t that easy to mix and match. So what to combine¬†to silver mules? The prettiest combination to me are¬†pants with striped patterns and a¬†casual¬†blouse. Especially because it’s a fresh summer look I am always looking for a comfortable solution. Mules aren’t the only piece that we should keep in mind. I was talking about trends and as you can guess the second one are¬†stripes.
We’re not going to talk about horizontal stripes, the ones that we should avoid if we’re looking for¬†the perfect hourglass figure, but more about the vertical ones. This casual look comes with blue flare-cut pants with thin stripes on it. I am still a little sceptical about¬†wide stripes so I went for the more¬†inconspicuous version.

silver mules-6


Blouse: H&M
Striped pants: New Look
Mules:¬†R√™ve d’un jour
Bandeau top: Intimissimi
Earrings: Selfmade 
Clutch: L.Credi

silver mules-10
silver mules-15silver mules-9
silver mules-14silver mules-11silver mules-4

Mother’s day is just a few days away. I guess you’re all in preparation ;)
xx Bella

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