White on White – Summer Splash

Let’s get back to this almost white-on-white look. I just added a nice splash of colour and wore one of my favourite trendy pieces a neon sports bra by Under Armour…

HeyHo weekend! Can’t believe this week passed by so quick. My last work day was yesterday and now I’m super happy to start motivated into my weekend. I’m glad to be back on my blog to share another amazing casual summer style with you. 

White on White

Won’t get repeat ;) Remember the Miami Vice Look I posted a few weeks ago? First of all the weather was much better than it was the last two weeks, the city wasn’t that crowded like it was lately, because of the two major events taking part in Vienna. LifeBall and Eurovision Song Contest just made Vienna and especially the 1st district the go-to place for people around the globe. Can’t imagine the last time we had so much different cultures coming together in our city – a great thing!

Let’s get back to this almost white-on-white look. I just added a nice splash of colour and wore one of my favourite trendy pieces a neon sports bra by Under Armour. In case you missed the fashion news lately, sports bras are a huge thing this summer and are mixed and matched with jeans and skirts. Not only the look is fresh and perfect for the hot season but also the slinged back hair is a hairstyle I’ve tried for the first time. If you want to add a hint of glamour to your party dress or business look, check out my tutorial on how to do it.

white on white-10


Sports Bra: Under Armour
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Mango
Blazer: Mango

white on white-3 white on white-1 white on white-9 white on white-5 white on white-11

Have a beautiful weekend guys!
xx Bella 

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