What To Eat For Healthy Hair

Not only the taste but also the vitamins and minerals they include are a must for your hair. Check out the foods below and what to eat for healthy hair.

Summer is just ahead, of course there are still some month left, but it reminds me always about updating my hair treatment. I had quite long hair when I started shooting for the blog and as you can see I changed my hairstyle quite often.

The bob that I have currently is the perfect haircut and I totally fell for it! It’s not about haircuts today but far more about the right treatments for you hair especially for summers season. We all know about those superfoods: Quinoa, Oats, raw eggs etc. but which of them promises what it says? I have put a list together with the foods that I love to eat and by love I mean they are really tasty! Not only the taste but also the vitamins and minerals they include are a must for your hair. Check out the foods below and what to eat for healthy hair.

All About Superfoods and What To Eat for Healthy Hair



One of the products that I discovered when starting doing the Kayla Itsines guides. I was really sceptical in the beginning as I didn’t believe it could taste good. I discovered my own favourite which is the red quinoa. Quinoa has many vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are important for your sculp and hair. It promotes hair growth and strenghtens it.

Paprika Powder

Although it’s a seasoning and more often used in the kitchen – This spice is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E and vitamin B. As we know vitamin B is the one we need the most when it comes to melanin, which is responsible for our hair colour.


I love to chopp them over my afternoon yoghurt, they are my substitute for my chocolate chips and come also with great benefits. Walnuts are rich in copper and as we know this is the ingredient which is responsible for hair melanin. Melanin is our hair pigment and if you want to prevent grey hair, you should definitely implement this super food in your daily nutrition.

What To Eat For Healthy Hair


This one is a classic and honestly I have porridge every morning. Not only because I’m stuck to healthy eating but also because I’ve created my own yummy version. I love to mix coarse and fine oats with some chia seeds and this is the perfect breakfast to me. Oats are rich in silicium and make your hair shiny and beautiful.

Last but not least…Eggs

Raw eggs might sound a little “yuck” in the beginning but because of the protein it helps to rebuild damaged hair and fills in weakened spots along the hair strand. I treated my hair with raw eggs when I had split ends due to my ombré and it really helped me.

What to eat for healthy hair? Let’s start this together and focus on eating these super foods more often to receive our perfect summer beach waves!

xx Bella


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