The Wedding Dress And All About It

I promised you the wedding dress would have a main part in todays blog post and I’m really excited to share my thoughts with you.

You’ve been reading my little wedding recap about the decoration, the flowers and my emotions on that day. I promised you the wedding dress would have a main part in todays blog post and I’m really excited to share my thoughts with you.

My Choice Of Lace
Picture taken by Joanna Nowak, Dress by La Sposa

I always dreamed of a dress with an A-line since I was 6 years old. Over the years I never thought that I would decide for another style because there was absolutely nothing that could make me change my mind. Especially not when it comes to the choice of my wedding dress. It took me one year to search for „The One“ and I knew that I couldn’t make it on my own. That’s when my girls stepped in to help me out and we went from one wedding boutique to another.

First Try Best Choice!

I knew it would take me months to find the right wedding dress for me and I knew I can be really stubborn and it wasn’t going to be easy. The funnies story about the dress was that it was finally the first one that I tried on. I loved the tailoring and the all-lace style that reminded me of the Kate Middleton dress that I fell in love with at first sight. I wanted to stick to my „Less is More“-rule and I knew I wasn’t into heavy veils anymore. The length of the trail was very important to me and I didn’t want to overload my complete bridal look. Dance Moves didn’t cause any troubles and I was happy that my bridesmaids helped me to pin it to my back. Leaving out the veil was one of my hardest decisions but I didn’t regret it because of the beautiful flowers that I got instead.

Wedding Dress That Comes In Pieces…
Pictures taken by Joanna Nowak

I don’t like shoulder dresses very much because I don’t like showing too much of my cleavage. A little is okay and looks always pretty. I was glad that my wedding dress came with another piece: the bolero that I could take off very easily whenever I thought I wouldn’t feel comfortable anymore. I loved the lace details on my shoulders and the way it got adapted for me.

Wedding Dress – The One Day Rumor

During my wedding plans I talked to friends and some of them came up with the sentence „ Why are you thinking so much about it? You’re only going to wear it for one day!“. On one hand I agree with them but on the other hand I wanted everything to be perfect for me for that special day. I started struggling with myself manytimes and I went about six times to the store to put the dress on, over and over again. Nothing could change my mind and I knew where my heart belongs.

Picture taken by Joanna Nowak

Keep in mind: Advice can help you sometimes but sometimes they can destroy everything and afterwards you’re feeling bad about it. If you’re struggling with yourself, get your bridesmaids and best girls with you and a bottle of good champagne- The decision will be a lot easier if you’re cool with it!

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