We Go England -Travel Diary Part 1

Back again in my room in London (with WiFi!) I have finally time to get my travel diary down to paper.

Back again in my room in London¬†(with WiFi!), I have finally time¬†to get my travel diary down to paper.¬†In case you were wondering why the bloody hell I didn’t upload anything: Well I was more or less in the pampa, with most of the time no internet at all. As compensation for not keeping you guys up to date as promised, I summed up my complete journey in two posts. From London up to the North including York down to Wales and¬†a bit of countryside: We’ve done more than twenty stops and our eyes are full. Great Britain’s landscape has a lot to offer and I really fell for the national parks, lakes and waterfalls. Are you ready to dive into my travel diary?

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Day 1

One of our first stops was Colchester. We were lucky to have such an amazing weather and the castle was one of my first snapshots to take. Next was Flatford Mill, which we visited out of a sudden. Part of Suffolk and located in Dedham Vale, the mill belonged to artist John Constable and is one of the oldest watermills in England. The astonishing garden and the view were both invaluable.


Day 2

Cambridge won over my heart quickly. From universities to local amenities and back gardens; there was so much to see and my camera was in full action. Due to its richness in sights we spent the whole day in the nerdy city. In my last post, I have summed up my fave spots and sights in this guide.


Day 3

After two nights in Newmarket, it was about time to leave and head to the North of England. With Ely, we spontaneously squeezed in an impromptu visit to the Ely Cathedral for its marvellous architecture. Next was Lincoln and it was absolutely beautiful. From the splendid Cathedral and Castle square, we overlooked the alleys and mews of the city. After exploring hidden afternoon tea spots and a tummy full of scones and jam, we continued our journey to our second accommodation; a lovely BnB Farm in Sutton. Not only the house but also the breakfast was perfectly handmade. You can soon read more about this lovely Bed and Breakfast here.


Day 4

York! This place was on top of my must-see cities list and I couldn’t wait for it to come. Besides the charming¬†narrow streets¬†like “The Shambles” –¬†JK Rowling’s inspo for the Diagon Alley- there were¬†also¬†lots of medieval buildings to see. As a Harry Potter fan, I couldn’t deny taking the perfect #FollowMeTo! And obviously, I didn’t leave York without a chunky piece of Fudge in my backpack! #SorryNotSorry


Day 5

Under the roof of National Trust are all the magnificent national parks and gardens of Great Britain. Fountains Abbey was on our way to the West and the perfect opportunity to get some hiking done. I was fascinated by the Abbey Ruins, the story behind their banishment and how the building remained until today.

We wanted to get in touch with Britain’s nature and especially its countryside. As soon as we left Sutton we were on our way to Wales. Cruising from East to West we didn’t expect to see a lot of¬†breathtaking architecture and houses; by the time we passed by the grey stone fences and houses we knew we were totally wrong. Not to mention the lovely combination of sheep in the graze and the lush green grass. We spent a little more time there so that we arrived at our accommodation in Wales late night.

Travel-diary-6Travel-diary-17Ready for part two?



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