Warsaw Girl – Off Duty Style

Since my husband and I have met, I didn’t have the chance to visit Warsaw yet. I have visited Krakow a lot during my wedding year and I absolutely fell…

Since my husband and I have met, I didn’t have the chance to visit Warsaw yet. I have visited Cracow a lot during my wedding year and I absolutely fell for the city and the polish cuisine. If I had to decide between a yummy Sernik a.k.a cheesecake and a new pair of shoes, I would definitely go for the cake.

Warsaw Girl

Packing our cases for a weekend trip to Warsaw wasn’t easy at all. After all this extreme weather changes I had no idea what to take. “5 degree celsius might feel like minus 5 in Warsaw” – that’s all my husband said when I asked for the weather, Brrrr! We had a long journey as we went seven hours by car. After some breaks and stops we arrived in Warsaw at night and went for burgers and quesadillas to the Hard Rock Cafe. There wasn’t much time to do sightseeing and we decided to put it off to the next day. In the end I was glad I didn’t get ill and I’m really excited to show you the results of our successful shoot. The early bird catches the worm, right? -and we made use of the morning sun!

All About Layering

There was no other way to keep myself warm than layering. I like the 70s and Hippie style and especially pullovers that come with wide sleeves. The white one is my favourite, as it is super casual and goes well with most of my blazers. Although the coat is not new on the blog, the scarf is. I found it at H&M’s final winter sale when I was on the hunt for another fake fur piece. Seems like the teddy coat pointed out my weakness for fake fur ;) The material is quite stiff around the neck area that’s why I would rather wear it on shoulder height than wrapped around. Finally I must have reached a maximum of layers – in total four on this look.



Camel Coat: ZARA (Similiar)
Pullover: No Name (Similiar)
Cardigan: ONLY (Similiar)
Blazer: ZARA (Similiar)
White trousers:  ZARA (Similiar)
Sneakers: H&M (Similiar)
Fake-Fur Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Maqaroon (Similiar)
Shoulder bag: MANGO (Similiar)

warsawwarsawwarsaw warsawwarsaw   warsawwarsaw

Big surprise?

I’ll have to put you off till Monday, since I was quite busy with our little surprise :)  Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies,

xx Belle

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