Tone It Up – A New Challenge!

Tone it up girls! The beach season is just ahead and because I spent the last two weeks eating almost everything I felt the need to start a new sports…

Tone it up girls! The beach season is just ahead and because I spent the last two weeks eating almost everything I felt the need to start a new sports challenge.
I’ve been doing the Kayla workouts for more than a half year now – unbelievable how fast time passed by – and I was very happy with the results for a long time. My body and abs were toned and I had much more energy, which made it easier for me to cope with stressful days. Like every type of sports it happens that you aren’t happy anymore. I didn’t feel good, ¬†my body was sore most of the time and I reached a plateau.

Tone It Up  РItty Bikini!

Hello new bikini challenge! I was looking for a great mix of everything, workouts that I could do with ease everyday and that came in a good mix. After the Kayla workouts my muscles grew every week and my abs became stronger over¬†time. I wouldn’t say I were unhappy with the result and my new me, but I found myself more bulky than toned. Everyone has a different view on using weights and training abs – some want to receive the perfect six pack others are more into yoga and pilates. For me toning was the right thing¬†and I decided to make a change.¬†I wanted to become strong but didn’t want to grow in mass.

tone it up-4

When browsing¬†the internet for new workouts, one site stood out the most and caught my attention – Tone It Up. Karina and Katrina are two personal trainers, who have been working out together for many years and who decided to create the Tone It Up Lifestyle program. First of all, the best thing about this new challenge is, that there’s no calorie counting or zero-carb diet and everything is allowed and included. The utmost thing that I’ve find hard to cope with is cardio – a good morning run also called the Booty Call in the program is a must to boost your daily metabolism. Set the alarm 30 min earlier than usual and get up to get your walk, run oder HIIT session done. Honestly, the first few days were horrible. I’m not the morning work outer girl and I was used to do them in the afternoon. However, I went through it and after some runs I noticed it was the best thing I had ever done.

So how does a day actually look like? I start with my morning Booty Call, have my breakfast, which is Meal 1 and my Meta D – a healthy juice that is absolutely amazing! Throughout the day I have a sum of 5 meals, a lot I know but the portions are quite small and keep you safe from cravings. In the afternoon I do one of the ab workouts (depends on the weater, sometimes it’s a DVD Workout or a ab workout from their YouTube channel) and finish my day off with a second 30 min walk or run. All in all you’re going to workout three times a day, quite tough but the workouts are intense¬†and you’ll see results very soon.

I decided to start with the 7DSD – 7 Day Slim Down to loose a few pounds and get my body back into shape again. I’m now on Day 7 and am finishing the 7DSD today and will continue with the bikini program. Both programs and a few more are included in the Nutrition Plan, which is available as Digital Download at their homepage for 136 Euro. The books have more than 300 pages, so be aware of that when you want to get them ;) What you get is a book full of advice and healthy recipes that will help you to get you through the next weeks – I haven’t even tried a third but I can’t wait to taste them.

So What About Yo-Yo Effect?

Definitely not! Tone It Up is¬†a lifestyle program that you can follow a lifetime with ease. The recipes don’t afford any super expensive ingredients are are easy to prepare. You can eat almost everything, you are not limited to a strict recipe plan, except the 8 week bikini program comes with some meal suggestions. You will have to follow some guidelines when it comes to nutrition, but those things are well¬†explained in the Nutrition Plan. A great benefit is that they publish new workouts everytime on their site for free – so it’s not a workout routine that you’ll have to stick to for the next weeks. The workouts are diverse, which is really good and there’s always something new to try. Nevertheless sport wouldn’t be sport without soreness – My evening run is awaiting me and although I’m not in the mood: Let’s do this!

xx Bella

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