The Jewellery Showroom Breakfast

It’s been now one week since the Jewellery Showroom. London Fashion Week is over and Paris is next on the list.


It’s been now one week since the
Jewellery Showroom. London Fashion Week is over and Paris is next on the list. Winding back to the London Jewellery Showroom in my mind, I forgot to share with you Day 1 and a sublime breakfast event.

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Imagine a room with white walls, floors and ceilings. Sounds like heaven right? Perfect conditions for me to take pictures, the brightest one’s I’ve ever done so far. Talking of the Jewellery Showroom, it fills a gap in the world of PR, where the focus is on international buyers only. The venue was open for appointments, therefore no walk-ins for customers. Spread over four days, we showcased more than twenty independent jewellery designers, from small to big.

So the Jewellery Showroom breakfast happened on Day 2. I was five minutes late but right on time to get to see the amazing setup and decor.Styled ‘By Appointment Only Design’, it felt like being in a dream when I passed by about 10 metres dining table with more than 100 pastel-white flowers in copper vases on top of it. Everything was ready from cutlery to name cards to napkins. I knew Amy and Jess always had a good taste, but THIS exceeded all my expectations.

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The guests arrived, mainly jewellery designer, editors and press from renown publications. (Yes, you’re thinking right: Harpers, etc.) I was nervous and I knew it might be possible that some writers walk in that I admire. In this case, I played cool and focused on what I had to do. Checking if everyone who came through the entry was actually invited.

In between breaks I sneaked around the corner. I asked my girl bosses if I could take some pictures during the breakfast. From smoothies to croissants, everything was delicately selected and put together with thought. Later we found out that some of the invites didn’t even come. Hello, leftovers!

As soon as the breakfast finished designers and editors started chatting. In pairs, with a smoothie or cuppa tea in their hand, they browsed along the jewellery plinths and discussed options. I loved the idea of bringing publications and designers together in one room. It was fun and an unforgettable experience for me. As mentioned before, next up is Paris. One week left for me to find a new dress!


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