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What to wear for an interview? I think that’s a big question and there’s no perfect answer to it. In the fashion industry, Fashion editors suggest not…

What to wear for an interview? I think that’s a big question¬†and there’s no perfect answer to it. In the fashion industry, Fashion editors suggest not to wear suits to an interview, because we always have to proof our taste of style. I think it really depends on the job you’re applying for – designers have a creative streak and of course style is a must.

If you’re a fashion journalist or fashion critic you don’t have to show off that much when it comes to fashion,¬†but¬†at least you’re outfit should be well chosen. Above all, the most important thing is fashion knowledge and being aware of current affairs. I know it’s tough to keep up with all the latest fashion trends and news around the world but let’s be honest -in times of Twitter,¬†Facebook and feeds you’re just a fingertip¬†away!

What I Would Wear To My Interview

Related to my example of wearing black suits to an interview, I have to¬†confess¬†that I had been one of the people who wore them¬†two years ago.¬†I’ve been in a¬†different situation back then and I haven’t¬†applied for a job in fashion¬†– I had to wear all-black¬†due to my graduation year – ¬†but that’s something I would never repeat again. I don’t suggest you to go for lots¬†of colours but at least for one or two. I like to wear nude coloured blazers in combination with¬†black jeans and¬†I’m a fan of¬†minimal style¬†that comes with¬†comfort. People sometimes underestimate the importance of feeling comfortable with¬†your outfit. When there’s something that¬†the¬†interviewer recognizes first, it’s you being uncomfortable and feeling unwell. It takes me a while to put¬†the¬†perfect outfit together but in the end I’m glad that I’m prepared. The perfect mix of casual, business style and comfort is the key to your final look. I go for the pieces¬†that I wear in general and that present me and my style as good as possible.¬†Any kind of boots are your best choice – they round up¬†your look and add a cool-chic touch and you still look very professional.



Coat: mint & berry
Blazer: ZARA (Similiar)
White T: Vera Moda (Similiar)
Jeans: Zara (Similiar)
Boots:  Vigneron (Similiar)
Bag: No Name (Similiar)

   interviewinterviewinterview interviewinterviewinterview interview  interviewinterview

I hope I could help you out in case your having a interview in near future! Never forget to be yourself¬†–¬†being honest is the best way to choose :)

xx Belle


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