The Girl Who Went for Short Hair

It turned out wow and sexy and I’m happy with my new me ;) Here I am the girl starting a new adventurous chapter and the girl who went for short hair.

Hi guys! I’ve just had a makeover last Friday at a pretty hairsalon in Dalston. I got it recommended from my hairdresser in Vienna, so I decided to give it a try and went for an appointment right on time for my 1st wedding anniversary.

If you’ve never been to London you should know that each district has it’s own charm and character. The Blue Tit salon is located in Dalston a London borough district of Hackney and based in the North of the city. North London¬†was still knew to me and so it was a new exciting exploration. Blue Tit is a¬†fashion boutique salon¬†that comes with many experienced hairstylists. I was pretty excited getting a haircut there and I’ve also heard only good things about it. The team consists of some bloody well¬†award-winning stylists- so if you’re on the hunt for a professional¬†and trendy haircut you should definitely go¬†and¬†visit.

¬†the girl who went for short hair-3the girl who went for short hair-2When I think of Edie Sedgwick, then mostly about her short haircuts that made her become so famous¬†in the 60s and 70s. It’s one of those short haircuts that just go never out of style and that¬†I would compare my current haircut to. ¬†I actually never had short hair before, but this risk was definitely worth it. Although I said there’s no chance to ever convince me again with a fringe cut (9 years fringe-free and I’m so proud of myself) I wanted¬†a change so badly and¬†gave it a shot. Actually it turned out wow and sexy and I’m happy with my new me ;)¬†Here I am the girl starting a new adventurous chapter and the girl who went for short hair.

the girl who went for short hair-4the girl who went for short hair-6the girl who went for short hair-5the-girl-who-went-for-short-hair-7Some short news to keep you guys up-to-date: I’ve just moved into my student room last weeke¬†¬†¬†¬†nd. I’m still trying to¬†organize my¬†wardrobe, as I’ve took a lot of clothes with me. I’ve had so much luck with my room and I’m one of the few lucky ones on the floor with an amazing view. Be sure to watch my little room tour this Thursday coming up on my YouTube Channel.

xx Bella

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