The Black Suit

When there a style that goes through my mind on an on-off basis it’s the black suit. Checking my Instagram every morning became almost a routine

When there’s a style that goes through my mind like¬†a on-off button it’s the black suit.

Checking my Instagram every morning¬†is already a morning ritual, but most of the pieces¬†I’ve seen were unexpectedly black or white – let’s say the summer colours might have changed a little. I’ve got a favour for extraordinary Instagram feeds, those that keep you coming back to lurge for the latest shot. OracleFox’s account is one of those and I became¬†kind of addicted to her feed.¬†Amanda knows how to play around with black and white to perfection, every look has it’s own harmony and her suit¬†combinations¬†are worth to remember.¬†Fashion pieces that are timeless and¬†that go never out of style are interpreted in¬†new¬†ways every decade. The black suit is¬†part of that and¬†is ¬†the one¬†I think about when a meeting’s ahead of me, a dinner party or an interview. There are of course some certain rules to stick to and I learned a lot about it, like when to avoid a head-to-toe¬†black look. For today and amidst the late¬†summer days, I gave it a shot and wrapped myself in black and white again.the black suit-1


Blazer: Zara
White Shirt: Zara
Ankle Strap Heels: Mango
Pants: American Vintage

the black suit-2 the black suit-6 the black suit-4 the black suit-8

What are your thoughts on the black suit? When are you more likely to wear them?

xx Bella

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