Let's TalkWhat’s up Zara?

Indie artist and illustrator Tuesday Bassen has proven the rumour of Zara's copycatting game to be true and has taken the case to court.

LooksConfessions of a Shopaholic

But let's talk about the confessions of a shopaholic! I have thought a lot about the Zara stuff in my wardrobe lately and especially the trap that I'm...

LooksAmsterdam Fashion Week-Let’s Rock It!

Have I ever been to Amsterdam? I'm afraid I have to say no. Amsterdam has a lot of beautiful places to offer when it comes to taking great pics for the blog and I would be glad to spent some days there.

LooksYellow Monday – The Cutout Dress

This season has been all about crop tops and great colors - Me especially fell in love with yellow. Yellow is a great color when it comes to the beginning of the summer season.

LooksA Taste of Nude

The combination of me in a nude skirt a la Grace Kelly combined with a italian Vespa? sounds invincible, doesn't it? When there's something that warms me up, then it's the sun's ray's...

LooksPoland – Classy meets Cozy

Hey guys! You may have mentioned the different design of my blog - there's a reason for that. I wanted to move to wordpress.org and the site is still under construction but will be available as soon as possible.

LooksOmbre Curls & Flowers

When I get a new haircut or my hair dyed for the ombre style it's one of the best things that can happen to me in a week, especially if valentine`s day is almost here. Everyone is getting excited about valentine's day and most of us already have the gifts for our beloved.