LooksThe Black Suit

When there a style that goes through my mind on an on-off basis it's the black suit. Checking my Instagram every morning became almost a routine

LooksBlack Leather + White T

Black leather skirts are one of my favourite pieces and I'v been looking for the perfect one the past few month. In this case the sales week were quite

LooksRebel – Workwear In a Sporty Way

Leaving the house in a perfect complete soothing outfit, that doesn't look like wearing almost 10 layers, isn't easy at all. This year seems like I'm going to master it - Let's fight back the cold season with some sneaky rebel pieces!

EventsBlickfang- Lifestyle & Fresh Designs

When it comes to interior designs and renovating my home I like to visit trade shows. Thanks to Austrianfashion I had last weekend the chance to visit the Blickfang fair.

LooksMauritius #2 – Palm Trees

The most beautiful thing that I could imagine during my days in Mauritius was waking up and being surrounded by palm trees. I

LooksPyjama Party – From Bed to Streets

Rockin' your pyjama in bed only? No way! Sometimes when relaxing sunday at home, having a tea and watching my favorite movie, or doing some work on my notebook, I'm not in the mood to stand up and to get ready to go out.

LooksRipped Fashion – May I have this Dance?

Ripped jeans and shirts? They're part of ripped fashion and you decide to wear them in a classy or a shabby way. I determined for myself to create a comfortable business look.