LooksRose Quartz Mini Dress

It's probably the oldest Zara achievement in my wardrobe but still my favourite: the rose quartz mini dress. Both classy and defined, I am happy...

LooksGreen Blues

Happy Friday from the rainy London! It’s not that I haven’t had expected it already but it’s totally…

LooksGolden Hour – Spirit of Christmas

Golden shades are the one tones for this season and appear everywhere. If you take a walk in the city and marvel at the nightly street lights you will find the golden shades almost everywhere.

LooksAll That Glitter – A Christmassy Look

Fashion Trends this winter appear quite glittery to me: Glitter shoes, glitter accessories and All that Glitter that is find on sporty sneakers and plenty more. One of the magazines I like to flick through is The Company magazine, because of their beautiful inspirational pages that include various collages.
kylie jenner

MakeupKylie Jenner’s Inspired 90s Lip Tutorial

Remember the famous Instagram pic of Kylie Jenner? There were lots of rumors about her lips and about undertaking plastic surgery.It made me think about it and I knew that the answer to all of it was makeup.
prom makeup

MakeupProm Makeup – Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are one of the best and easiest makeups to do and you can decide for a range of colours. I did a little makeup tutorial on how to receive your perfect prom makeup