LifeGoodbye 2015 Hello 2016 – Part 1

Hello 2016! I might be a little late with my 2015 recap - moving took actually longer than assumed- but I'm glad to have had such an amazing year.

FoodAfternoons at Chaya Teahouse

If you're a brave follower of my blog you might have noticed that I've been to a traditional chinese tea ceremony at Chaya Teahouse.

Shop | InspireSummer Beach Reading List

Even though these are just five amazing books I'm highly interested in reading them. Have you already picked some books for your summer beach reading list?

Life10 Quotes I Need Everyday

One of the few quotes I need and love and that mean a lot to me. I wanted to share these amazing words with you that keep me inspired each day...

LifeWhat To Do If You Have a Bad Day

When having a bad day I stick to my rescue methods that always get me in the right mood. Here's my very own list on what to do if you have a bad day.