How ToAll Eyes On: Stripe Pattern

Stripe pattern are difficult to wear especially if you’re not a pro. I avoided stripe pattern for many years, not because I didn’t like them, but more...

Events2014 – Best of and My Christmas Recap

Although that 2014 is almost over I‘m happy to look back at an amazing and exciting year. I decided to take a closer look at the year 2014 and made a little summary on the blog!

EventsLife Ball Event-Recap

So sad but it's true, it's over again. I had an amazing night at last nights life ball event and so much to tell about it.

EventsLife Ball Preparation – Covered in Nature

I'm getting excited for the Lifeball, only one day left until the big event starts. I was starting to work on my accessories for the dress on monday and I'm so happy I finished it yesterday.