LooksLFW Part 2 – What I Wore

Welcome to LFW Part 2! In the first part I gave you an insight in the showrooms at London Fashion Weekend. In case you want to cast a glance find it here.

YouTubeLate Summer Makeup

It's been a while since I've shared a video on the blog but this Late Summer Makeup is just right on time to ring in the early Fall season.

LooksCamel Coat In Violet Temptation

London weather can be really confusing.Sometimes it's windy and rainy but very often sunny with warm temperatures. Trenchcoats and Coats like Camel Coats were born to be worn for this time around the year.

LooksScarfs On Waists – Fallish Upgrade

Slowly the cold days arrive and it becomes an our accessories like scarfs and gloves become the most important things. Have you ever thought about your good old clothes?
Fashion Books

Shop | InspireFashion Books I Love – Fall Reading List

Paying attention to my favourite books and working through my reading list. Fashion books are the One's I love and I wanted to share my little reading list with you. I got way too much of them so let's call this post Part 1.

LooksRebel – Workwear In a Sporty Way

Leaving the house in a perfect complete soothing outfit, that doesn't look like wearing almost 10 layers, isn't easy at all. This year seems like I'm going to master it - Let's fight back the cold season with some sneaky rebel pieces!