LooksFashion & Poncho

Basically I'm not that poncho type of girl, but I felt that this is a common thing in London. When the first cold breeze arrived

YouTubeAutumn Mini Lookbook

Today's video is a Autumn Mini Lookbook that includes some of my most hearted looks of the season. Since I've been busy the last two weeks...

LooksLFW Part 2 – What I Wore

Welcome to LFW Part 2! In the first part I gave you an insight in the showrooms at London Fashion Weekend. In case you want to cast a glance find it here.

LooksRebel – Workwear In a Sporty Way

Leaving the house in a perfect complete soothing outfit, that doesn't look like wearing almost 10 layers, isn't easy at all. This year seems like I'm going to master it - Let's fight back the cold season with some sneaky rebel pieces!

LooksMohair Style – Ocherous Autumn

Ocher coloured and more colours are the signal stains for autumn breezes; together with the materials like kashmir, wool and mohair they play a big part in this seasons' style.