LooksSunday Lunch at Sofitel

Last Sunday I had a blast with one of the most stunning views over Vienna. A tasty lunch at Sofitel, which was my husband's birthday present he got

LifeLife’s Like A Pretzel

Somehow it left me with a smile. Sometimes life's like a pretzel, an infinite loop of events coming back to you that you've forgotten sometime ago

LooksThe Black Suit

When there a style that goes through my mind on an on-off basis it's the black suit. Checking my Instagram every morning became almost a routine

YouTubeFinal Clean Out & Makeup Room Tour

I'm definitely gonna miss this place a lot. In case your curious about my makeup collection and interested in a makeup room tour through my beauty "loft"

MakeupMakeup Cleanout and Collection

After spending more than three hours in one of my favourite room in the house, I finished my final cleanout and was surprised how much it was.

LooksBlack Leather + White T

Black leather skirts are one of my favourite pieces and I'v been looking for the perfect one the past few month. In this case the sales week were quite