How To Really Get Amazing Summer Legs

While men think about beers, pints and the next football game, we find ourselves frustrated on mission impossible on how to achieve great summer legs.

Finally, it’s summer in London. I still can’t believe that it’s already July. Can please someone shake me? Summer is different to men and women. While men think about beers, pints and the next football game, we find ourselves frustrated on mission impossible on how to achieve great summer legs. Of course, there are plenty other summer body treatments that are taking over our calendar.

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Last week, when having a Netflix and chill night with the girls (NOT THAT KIND OF NETFLIX AND CHILL!), while having Indian food and watching ‘Frankie and Grace’ we’ve started sharing our #firstworldproblems when it comes to body hair. From shaving to waxing and epilators; We’ve done them all. Waxing was sort of a phase in my life and it actually didn’t last long. I must say I have always had a preference for shaving since its fast and painless. Nevertheless, each of them I tried made these little bastards grow back faster than before.

“Laser handsets are a biggie in London at the moment”, said Julia. I must say, Julia knows everything when it comes to the latest body treatments. I could swear she has shared her opinions on at least a 100 of them.

That was two weeks ago. In the meantime, I have visited the BloggersBall, where I got to know the brand Smooth Skin. They were doing a competition where you could win a SmoothSkin IPL handset with flashes to last for 15 years. I’ve signed up and luckily won! I’m still surprised about the fact that I won since I never won anything ever before.

Ready to work some magic on your legs? Here is my routine I stick to every summer to get that shiny lovely summer legs.


Step One: Exfoliate

Exfoliating is key to removing any dead skin. It also brightens up your skin a little and lets it ‘breathe’. Before even starting a new hair removal treatment, I always exfoliate first. It’s the base for everything to follow
I am a huge fan of Lush products, and my fave product to use for my legs is Movis. In an emergency situation when I ran out of it I stick to old school methods. Ever heard of dry brushing?

Step Two: Shaving

When using the SmoothSkin IPL for the first time I was a bit sceptical how to start. After finishing reading the manuals twice – I’m obsessed with getting things done perfectly – I was confident enough to do the patch test. I tested it on my skin one day before, to ensure I didn’t show reactions on my legs. Unfortunately, Laser hair removal should be avoided by someone with dark skin, as it may absorb more light energy which would effect in burn or discolour.


Step Three: SmoothSkin IPL*

As instructed I shaved my legs first before I started using the SmoothSkin IPL. By pressing the Skin Tone Sensors against the legs I started in ‘Gentle Mode’ to glide along the skin between flashes. The IPL Handset comes with two options: ‘Stamp’ for small areas such as armpits or ‘Glide’ for legs. The most important thing about this kind of hair removal treatment is to not treat the same area twice and flashes should not overlap. What I can say for sure: it’s painless! Okay, I can say that based on only using the ‘Gentle Mode’. I know I’m a bit snivelling.

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Step Four: Nail Polish

When considering the legs as a whole, a nail polish in summer is a must. My favourite is white by Anny and O.P.I as well as nudes and they work perfectly with all my summer flats.

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Regular treatment is key to seeing first results. As recommended I am going to use the handset once a week for the next 12 weeks. I’m now on week one and still a newbie. Maybe I will toss my shaver forever, maybe not. We’ll see but I’m excited about the results.



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