Summer Essentials Must-Haves – Holiday’s Calling!

Already in the mood for some great sunbathing days this summer at the sea? Can’t wait until my holidays start. I got me a countdown app and guess what 47 days left only! Hurray!

Already in the mood for some great sunbathing days this summer at the sea? Can’t wait until my holidays start. I got me a countdown app and guess what 47 days left only! Hurray! But today’s article is not about my euphoric mood, it’s more a list filled with the stuff you’re looking for summer. Today I’m going to share my summer habits with you. Let’s start cause the list is long :)

1. Dream Screen by Benefit, 2. beach bag by Fred Perry, 3a. Pure Moisturize Lipstick by Artdeco, 3b. Eyeshadow Sticks by Artdeco, 3c. Bronzing Powder “Hoola” by Benefit, 4. Nail polish “Peacock Feather Green” by Artdeco, 5. Perfume by Gianni Versace Couture

Summer Essential #1 –Sun is in the Air!


If you’re looking to get a nice tan, a sun protector should be your first thought. For my daily face care routine I use a face cream that contains sunblock already. Even if you‘re wearing makeup or just foundation, doesn’t mean your skin is spared from the sun. Just keep that in mind for your sun bathing sessions ;) I love to use DreamScreen during my holidays an I can tell you it’s my Must-Have product for summers season.

Summer Essential #2 – Style please!

Even if you’re wearing just your bikini and a beach hat, you’re never leaving your hotel room without your bag, right? Nothings better than getting the perfect beach bag: I prefer big bags that offer enough place for my bikinis (can’t decide for one only!), my cozy towel and my  little makeup bag with alle the goodies in it, that I carry always with me. Don’t forget your favorite magazines, that should fit in your bag. You’ll agree with me when I tell you, that nothing‘s better than reading a good fashion lecture at the beach while sipping on a selfmade ice tea. Yumm! :P

Summer Essential #3 – Make Up -Keep it Clean and Simple!

Summer is bright and full of colors, but when it comes to makeup keep it clean and simple: Use your favourite fruity lip balm or go for rose tones when choosing your lipstick.
For the eyes: Miami got me, or somehow in the way of eyeshadows: The eyeshadow sticks in turquoise and creamwhite are fresh and definitely worth to wear them. They are small and fit every bag- perfect if you’re heading to the beach bar or shopping tours with your girls. If you want to add a touch of tan to your cheeks, that’s the part when the bronzing powder comes  in: Use a slightly amount of golden bronzing powder and apply it with your angled blush brush. Blend out the harsh lines to avoid caky cheeks.


Summer Essential #4 – The Holiday Polish Decision!

What nail polish should I choose? That’s a good question. The same question comes up every summer when I‘m looking for a color that I want to wear for a longer period and that fits nearly every outfit in my holidays. Go for great mix colors with a hint of shimmer. If you’re not into pop out colors keep it clean: Go for pearly white as it goes with many summer looks.


Summer Essential #5 – Fresh Smell

If you’re crazy for perfumes like every women, this one’s has a great smell. Versace is one of my favorite perfumes, since Bright Crystal was one of the first I bought me. Gianni Versace Couture has a light smell and is great for summers season. Perfumes are always different, and it depends on what smell you like. DKNY apple is amazing too and smells so delicious that you nearly want to take a bite of yourself :D

A long post for today but stuffed with all the goodies I highly recommend for your holidays. Thinking about writing an article about quick and easy summer braids:

Would you like to read about it in the next post? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Bella

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