Selfie #NoFilter – 5 Beauty Tips To Pull It Off!

If you check on instagram daily, there’s one group of pics that caught’s the most attention- Selfie! Taking a selfie together with friends became so important, that it became a challenge for everyone.

If you check on instagram daily, there’s one group of pics that caught the most attention- selfie! Taking a selfie together with friends became so important, that it became a challenge for everyone.
A selfie is at it’s best when it has #nofilter or let’s say these are the most you will find on Instagram. In todays beautypost were going to talk about my ultimate guide on how to receive the perfect foundation and of course your perfect selfie. After this post, no more filters will be needed –I promise! ;) Ready for your selfie? Let’s start!


Selfie-Time And Your Way To HD Skin

Do I go for a selfie a lá KissKiss Style? Am I going to take a selfie from the side? Lots of questions, but let’s concentrate on the beauty part.

When it comes to skin preparation, there are lots of steps to do before applying your foundation or concealer.

Face Scrub

Day Cream by Clinique, 7 day face scrub cream by Clinique

Give your face a facial cleansing once a week. Don’t use them too often, you might irritate your skin. Facial Cleansing products come in different granulation sizes – from fine-grain to gritty. Make sure to choose the right one that fits your skin the most.

Lots of my fave products are from Clinique-I love the make-up line, cause they offer products for sensitive skin and for all other skin types. If I’m in a hurry, I use my facescrub while taking a shower.

Towel – How To Use It Right!

It may sound funny for you, but there are some instructions to obey: Please, don’t rub your face! It depends on the material of your towel but for sure dab your face gently, it keeps most of the moisture in your skin.

Day Cream vs. Night Cream

Depending on what time your planning your routine you should use the right set of day and night cream for your skin. If you’re on the go for the night’s out, you can use your daily cream if you haven’t applied already before. The night cream should be applied before going to bed, after you removed your makeup and has a regenerating function. Everytime before applying foundation think about your face cream. If you got oily skin, you should prefer cremes that dehydrate, to remove the glance.

Foundation Plus Powder

MAC Face and Body Foundation

I change my foundations very often and sometimes even twice a month. For summer I get a nice tan, so I don’t need much foundation and use powders more often. To receive a great skin coverage you should:

Lipstick/Blush and Concealer Palette by Inglot

Use a small amount of liquid foundation and apply it with your brush. You can use your fingers either and dab it softly into your skin. I prefer brushes to blend it in and I love the result of smooth skin. MAC Face and Body are great products if you’re still looking for the right foundation. The have a fluid texture and you don’t need much of them. It leaves a thin layer on your skin and I always feel like wearing no makeup, what makes it comfortable all day.

Conceal It Round

Not much left and your ready to take your selfie. What to do for your dark circles:
Use a concealer which is a bit brighter than your skin, to receive the perfect conceal and highlighter effect by only one application. Remember the fine lines under the eyes? Concealer residues are really annoying, but there’s a way to get rid of them. Apply your concealer on a greater area and you will get the results you were looking for.

selfie_soraya selfie_soraya selfie_soraya


 Perfect Smooth Skin For Your Selfie

If you have applied powder instead of foundation, you can repeat this part once again by applying a second layer. For foundation lovers: The powder adds the perfect finish and fills in the spots for the final touch. I got an oily T-Zone, and the powder suits my Skin best and mattifies it.

You’re foundation Routine is done! If you want to highlight your skin you can emphasize your lips brows and nose by using a concealer. Don’t forget to fill in your brows to receive a more natural look. Bold brows are great if you go for the strong look like Cara Delevigne‘s! Apply your mascara and add a nice gloss to your lips to kick it off.

selfie_soraya selfie_soraya selfie_soraya


And because after all I wrote down for you I’m totally in the mood for a selfie now! Follow me on Instagram if you haven’t yet ;) Have a great weekend lovelies!

xx Bella

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