Ruffles Ruffled Down

Ruffles make us think of 80’s prom night, when ‘big’ was better and minimal a loanword.
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I bet your parents still can remember the moment when wearing a party frock in screaming pink, neon accessories and mega hoops to prom night. With a big smile on their face, they went up to the photographer begging for that one shot that they would regret a few years later. 

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Today, 26 years later we find ourselves wearing the trend differently. Fashion has reduced the detail a lot more and has shifted it from being kitsch to classy and casual. This trend, born in the 15th century, turned from being a historical thingy to a game changer and is now flourishing dresses, sleeves and trousers.

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6PM and I’m at the office restroom. I’ve changed my outfit and put on my casual mink jumper, that comes with round cut outs and charming frill details on the shoulders. I admire transformable pieces that can be worn from day to night. this jumpsuit can be both: either a serious business look to run errands at the office but also a casual look that comes with a romantic twist. All the switch asks for is a pair of bad-ass stilettos.

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Just a few touch ups and I’m good to go. While searching for my lipstick I think about tonight. Should I go for a more laid-back or romantic look? Simplicity is key. All I want is to be me. The mess in my makeup bag is driving me crazy. Finally, I found it. “Just a little bit.”, I keep saying to myself while putting it on. Lost in thoughts, I tie up my hair into a I’m-confident-and-serious pony tail.

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Thanks to the team for bringing the first Digitorial to life!

Editorial Team

Photographer: Lucy BurtStyling and Text: The Wearabelle Journal
Model: Orla Octigan
Makeup and Hair: Laura María Vallejo

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