Romantic Green -The Magic about Keira’s Dress

What I love most about summer time?Get out my dresses of my closet and putting on my romantic green dress. missed them so much, didn’t want them to wither on the vine :(

What I love most about summer time? Get out¬†my dresses of my closet and putting on¬†my romantic green dress. I missed them so much, didn’t want them to wither on the vine :( It’s not an expensive label dress but for me it has that certain something. I wore this romantic green dress for my first date, my anniversary and I¬†never unregretted it.


If I had the Chanel Dress instead of my Romantic Green…

Have you read the story about Keira Knightleys wedding dress she’s wearing for so many times on the red carpet? It made me think about my romantic green dress and I felt vindicated. She said in an interview that she’s¬†not afraid to recycle it (the chanel dress made already it’s third appearance on the red carpet!)¬†¬†rather than hiding it¬†away in a wardrobe. If I was in her place, and I would be the owner of the little chanel dress, I would definitely do the same thing.


Shoes: Mango

For now I’m sure, my romantic green dress is not going to be cropped or changed at all. Let’s just say not at the moment but who knows, right? Maybe I’ll change my opinion over the years. My wedding plans are running at full speed and I’m really happy that there’s still enough time on weekends to get my outfit posts done for the blog. I love to share my thoughts and inspirations with you, it cheers me up and every comment I read through makes me happy.

Dress: H&M

So I think it’s really time for a big “Thank You!” to all my readers who follow my little blog from the beginning on, it means a lot to me.

The Wishlist is a Widget, I’ve been thinking very long about it and I’m glad it became reality on the blog. I caught myself having doubts whilst reading my own posts over and over again (yes I do read them several times, I’m a freak when it comes to¬†typos), that there was no chance for you to shop the pieces you like the most in my outfits.¬†I hope shopping becomes much easier now¬†;)

Wish you all a beautiful monday!

xx Bella

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