Random Facts – Actually The Truth…

Facts, Facts, Facts! For general people don’t like to tell true facts about theirself. It can be quiet hard to open up to another but in that case I’m willing to take the risk ;)

Facts, Facts, Facts! For general people don’t like to tell true facts about theirself.

It can be quiet hard to open up to another but in that case I’m willing to take the risk ;) Thanks to Carmen who has tagged me in her RandomFacts I decided to write down my seven random facts about me. For all those readers who don’t really know about me I thought this TAG might come in handy. Happy reading!

Fact#1 – The Smaller Eye Blemish

Before you start rolling your eyes,it’s true. Believe me or not it’s something I really don’t like about myself and that I see as a huge blemish :(

Fact#2 –My Make-up Bib 

When it comes to putting on my makeup I’m quite clumsy. It often happens that I ruin my dress by spilling foundation all over it. It may be not the elegant solution to keep your dress clean but it’s the safest one for me.

Fact#3 – I love Pandas

There’s nothing more to tell about. Let the pictures do the talking :D


Fact#4 –  I’m a Chees(e)oholic

Since I can remember I’m addicted to all kinds of cheese.When having cravings I often find myself in the kitchen searching the fridge for a good slice of cheese-yummy!

Fact#5 – I’m Actually a Sport Muffle

True story! Getting done my workouts every day is something I do regularly but even after two years I can’t imagine to one day become that kind of happy jumpin’ sporty girl.

Fact#6 – Taking Foodpics

Call me clumsy but I need 30 shots until I get the right one! It takes a lot of time from choosing the right filters to actually posting it to my Instagram account . Sometimes it happens  that I totally forget about it or I’ve just finished my lunch –  Instagram and I are never going to be friends :(


 Fact#7 – California Rolls!

There’s absolutely no food I enjoy more than eating California Rolls! In that case I’m more likely to wake up like this. Don’t ask me how I manage to curl  myself in a 2m x 2m blanket but I actually can!

My facts are finally told! I’m happy to tag a few other girls in the hope they’re going to make this TAG too!

Nadja – VioletFleur

Lisa – Stilspielerei

Gretchen – Gretchensfragen

Dana – Kalancea

Have a beautiful week!
xx Belle

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