Playlist November Grooves

I gave up listening to radio channels very soon. I found myself switching channels quite often and soon I became bored listening to the same playlists over and over again.

When I write my blogposts and plan my schedule for the upcoming months there’s one thing that I can’t live without: Music!

Playlists To Get You In The Right Mood

You¬†all know the problem very well. Workdays can be really hard to survive without some good music. I gave up listening to radio channels very soon. I found myself switching channels quite often and soon I became bored listening¬†to the same playlists over and over again. A good sound warms us up and leaves us with positive energy for the rest of the day.¬†¬†Since that time a lot of things changed. The iPhone Generation with iTunes became¬†very¬†important to us. I started buying¬†a lot of tracks thanks to¬†iTunes and I’m really proud of my little collection. I needed a change¬†and a little break from the common music because I knew there would be so much more to explore. Listening to¬†Indie Music or scrolling through some Motivational Playlists became my daily routine on Spotify¬†and I’m glad I found it. It offers wide range of¬†new artists, well-known artists and great random playlists.

Spotify November List

While exploring the world of Spotify¬†you will find some fun playlists f.e. the Shower-Playlist (believe me it exists!) the¬†Chill out-Playlist for Fall and much more. Indie is very knew to me and I have never listened to that kind of music ever before. I’m not very specific but I like to give my ears to pop-, rock-music and some of the latest charts. My afternoons and especially my workdays are quit chilly. Nothings better than¬†having a great¬†cup of coffee, playing some easy-listening sounds and working hard on writing articles. I have to be honest I could never work¬†surrounded by total silence. It feels like there’s something missing :)

Creativity got me and the little artist in me decided to put up a playlist for you. It’s a playlist to listen to when you’re at work, having a long day or when you’re on the search for something to lift your spirit.

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