Pineapple meets Smokeapple Look – Fruit Addiction

I love to try out new eyemakeups for summer. How about you? The summer season is all about fresh colors and fruits like pineapples.

I love to try out new eyemakeups for summer. How about you? The summer season is all about fresh colors and fruits like pineapples.

I am fruit lover and if I could I would eat them all day. Have you mentioned the pineapple print hype? pineapple phonecovers that look really funny and lots of other fruits are a great solution to get yourself in summer mood. Fruits are exotic and remind us of holidays at the sea, some pina coladas and delicious foods.  Because I can’t resist this delicious pineapples, I came to the idea to include the fruity color in my next makeup tutorial that I was planning for you.


Pineapples Not Only For The Taste…

Smokey Eyes are great but not good to wear for summers season. Smokey Eyes with a hint of yellow combined with a thin eyeliner and you’re on the right way to rock the beach.

  1. Start applying Primer on your lids. I like to use Urban Decay cause it lets the eyeshadow appear in great color.
  2. Start with a light base color- I use a soft yellow from Inglot. Be sure not to overload with yellow!
  3. Define your crease with a crease shader brush (Sigma Brushes are the best!) and blend in with a soft nude brown. You can use either black or brown tones.
  4. Use a eyeliner brush to apply a thin line of geleyeliner to your lid. You don’t want your look to become close to a bee :P
  5. Curl your Lashes!
    Tip: Use your blowdryer and gently heaten your eyelash curler. Don’t worry it won’t burn. It supports your lashes and gives them some pretty pep!
  6. Apply your favourite Bombshell/Volume Mascara. I go for a turqoise color to add more beach feeling to the whole look.
  7. Don’t forget to add some glitter or khol to your lower lashline. It opens up your eyes optically and adds a nice touch!
  8. Last but not least: Define your eyebrows and fill them in with your eyebrow pencil and some eyeshadow. The eyeshadow works best and fills in the empty space. I love to wear a combination as it’s very close to my brows.
  9. Lipgloss for summer? Of course,go for it! If you love to wear lipstick instead of lipgloss, stick to soft colors fort he day and strong ones for the evening.

pineapple_soraya pineapple_soraya
pineapple_soraya pineapple_soraya

pineapple_soraya pineapple_sorayapineapple_soraya pineapple_soraya

This look definitely needs a name: lets call it “Smokeapple” a la pineapple Look!

What are you waiting for? Get your stuff packed and head to the beach ;) Weekend Girls!

xx Bella

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