Olympus Pen EPL7 – The Child of Smartphone and DSLR

I also knew that my home studio was something that I couldn’t take with me in a suitcase :D So there we go – welcome this new baby, the Olympus PEN E-PL7!

Being part of the blogger society always asks for great images and clean layouts when it comes to blogposts. A blog without pictures wouldn’t be that attractive and so I’m always on the hunt for the next new gear. Since my latest buy, the Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens more than a year ago, I didn’t buy knew stuff, as I was always happy how the images turned out on the blog. Being busy this July and planning my move to the UK made up my mind and I went for a camera that was light in weight and easy to carry around.

Olympus PEN EPL7 – More Than a Selfie Cam

Vlogging and especially YouTube was another thing that I still wanted to do while living in the UK, but I also knew that my little home studio was something that I couldn’t take with me in a suitcase :D  So there we go – welcome this new baby, the Olympus PEN E-PL7!

First of all I have to admit, I’m a Canon girl. I never had any other camera brand except the lenses – Sigma has always been a good option and the 50mm lens is just the big deal. The Olympus hype wasn’t impercetible and I read many reviews about it before I got it. One of the best reviews that really made up my mind can be found at the pretty blog by Liselotte Fleur – I adore her photography and she’s an professional when it comes to fashion photography.

Olympus Pen EPL7-2

However, the Olympus PEN got me, not only by it’s stylish outcome but also by the extrem sharp images it produces each snapshot. Before I decided to go for a prime lens, I shot all of my pics including the London Diary #1 and #2 with the lens Kit only, which is a M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14‑42mm 1:3.5‑5.6 II R with manual zoom. The manual zoom is something that I prefer a lot, because I like to adjust the zoom myself. I recommend everyone to go for the electric zoom if you’re planning on doing Vlogs and lots of filming, because the auto focus is amazing and really important. In my case images have the upper hand and customisation is an essential to me. Besides the fact that this camera is advertised as “Selfie cam” I would say it’s definitely more than that. Of course the selfie function is great and kind of released a little addiction in me, because of the high resolution pics and touchscreen function. Nevertheless I would say the highlight of this camera is the flip out screen, just perfect to shoot flatlays, stills and food pics. It’s basically everything that I missed on the go. If you want to read more about the specs of the Olympus PEN EPL7 have a look at this post. I’m going to give you an insight into my little lens collection- Let’s start!

 M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm 1:1.8

The newest lens of my equipment and only one week old is the 45 mm 1:1.8. Since lenses aren’t a cheap investment I was planning on getting this pretty thing about 2 month ago and now it’s finally mine :D I did a few test shots and they turned out amazing. If you’re looking for a nice bokeh (unsharp background), this lens is the one you should go for. It’s the best lens to get if you’re focusing on portrait shoots and close ups.

Olympus Pen EPL7-4

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14‑42mm 1:3.5‑5.6 II R

As already mentioned above this lens is the perfect one to start. Although I wanted to go for a prime lens since the beginning I wanted to give the lens kit a try – There’s the saying “If you can shoot great images with your kit lens, you’re ready to get a prime one”- and so I did. Every new camera asks for a week of test shoots and London was just the perfect place to try. Although I was sceptical in the beginning about shooting my outfit with this lens, I quickly noticed I was totally wrong. The colour depth is amazing! And even with some little tricks you’ll get the bokeh with your kit lens. My advice for everyone, who wants to get the PEN too: Try shooting for at least a week or two with your kit lens before buying the expensive prime lenses.

Olympus Pen EPL7-1

So what about the other lenses?

Basically I am planning to get some other lenses too, but for now I’m saving money for my London adventure. The next one I’m planning to get would be the 17mm 1.8 lens, since I’m totally into everyday photography and stills lately.

Hopefully I could give you a little insight into my newest photography equipment. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions in the comments below ;)

xx Bella


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