Off To Paris

When you’re reading this I’m already on my way to Paris for the weekend.

When you’re reading this I’m already ¬†in Paris for the weekend.¬†With a few days left before Uni starts again, my bosses decided to take me with them for two days. Hooray! I have packed too much although it’s only for a night. I’m quite clumsy when it comes to packing and I hate it a lot. Narrowing down a closet to a suitcase is a bit of a challenge and I often find myself struggling to close it. Sitting on it doesn’t really help :'(


After snoozing the alarm two times in a row, my husband wakes me up. Breakfast is ready.


After a lovely portion of scrambled eggs and avocados I’m finished. I’m going through my list one more time to make sure I REALLY packed everything I wanted. Time for¬†skincare and teeth.


I absolutely love waking my tired eyes with a damp washcloth. I feel it makes me look fresh especially when I have to get up very early. I spare the details on how I’m gonna brush my teeth.


Back in the bedroom, I continue with putting on the clothes I prepared the night before. 30 min for makeup and hair. I still don’t know how to make it in 15. I’m good to go. I grab my bag, check for a¬†charger, keys, gums and my little makeup bag. Last but not least: the tickets! In one hand the bag in the other my Oyster card I hug, kiss hubby goodbye.


I have finally arrived at the station. God damn it’s cold and I’m f****** freezing. I wanted to be there early since I’ve heard some horror stories about the Kings Cross St. Pancras International rail station.A friend of mine advised me about it. “They are going to check the tickets, this could take a while. Don’t think about getting the bus!” To be honest, it was kind of a nightmare, with all the passport controls and “Sorry Miss you are not allowed to take your coffee with you.” If someone takes away my morning coffee I’m getting a bit grumpy. I’ve, got this…


With NO coffee and the tickets in my hand,¬†I’m looking at the platform displays. One of them should say in bold ‘Paris.’ Easy.


The train departs. I got Wi-Fi thanks, god! I’m pretty nervous. I still can’t believe that I’m sitting on a train to Paris, but hey I made it. It’s nice to look back. I have achieved so much being only one year in London. I have been at LFW three times, I’m working in Fashion and I’m literally making new friends every day. I’m a bit proud of myself that I untied myself from my old life. I took a risk, a quite big one without even knowing if I’m gonna make it. Things have changed a lot for me. Life is different over here, but I wouldn’t want to miss a day. I brought a book with me since I haven’t had much time the last couple weeks to dive into any of them. I just started reading ‘So you want to publish a magazine?’. Let’s hope I get some advice for my another little future project.



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