Off The Shoulder Fashion

To be appearing on the runways and in high streets stores for summer, the one trend that seems to have become immensely popular is off the shoulder fashion.

Today I’m handing over the power of my pen to Suzanne. She’s going to take over today on The Wearabelle Journal to share some stylish insider tips on how to wear the off the shoulder trend this summer!

Of all the fashion trends to be appearing on the runways and in high streets stores for summer, the one trend that seems to have become immensely popular is off the shoulder fashion.

The flattering cut can now be found in a wide variety of different styles, colours and patterns perfect for summer whether you are going away on vacation or enjoying a lunch date with a friend in London while battling the soaring heat! Off the shoulder garments in stores right now have a summertime floral vibe, but we can predict that this trend will be taking us all the way through autumn with some gorgeous berry tones (not forgetting some glittery glam for Christmas!)

The shoulder baring look is very 90’s chic. Especially for late summer looks, it makes a perfect trend to be styled in many different ways depending on your personal style and occasion.

What’s different is the cut, who has changed the game. Whilst once considered as a casual style, off the shoulder fashion is appearing more often than ever before.  Many celebs have been seen wearing off the shoulder dresses at award shows and on the red carpet such as Jennifer Garner.

Off The Shoulder Casual Style…

Topshop is a great example of a high street store that has a brilliant range of easy to wear tops for everyday wear. Outfits have never been easier to put together when you start off with a great top! They can be easily worn with high waisted jeans, shorts, skirts and even under dungarees for a slightly more grunge look.

off the shoulder-2

…For The Night Out

A day-to-night style is essential, especially in summer when plans can be made in the blink of an eye. Don’t get caught out wearing anything less than stylish! Off the shoulder cuts don’t always have to look fun and casual, they can actually look stunning for elegant occasion wear too. Topshop also has an array of playsuits in simple designs with off the shoulder cut-outs paired with frills. They add a whole new dimension to the outfit and balance out body proportions so you aren’t just showing leg.

Despite being off the scene for quite some time, off the shoulder tops aren’t a new trend. They were a huge hit in the ‘90s with the likes of Kelly Kapowski coming to mind whenever we think of off the shoulder fashion!

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Suzanne Bernie is the founder and Managing Director of Coathanger. Based in London, Suzanne works with individuals and companies who want to reinvent their look and expand their fashion horizons. With over 21 years of experience in the industry and having founded Coathanger in 2002, Suzanne and her team  of personal stylist’s aim to push people out of their comfort zones and develop a whole new outlook on the role fashion plays in our everyday lives.

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