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Can’t believe that off the shoulder tops have found their way back to fashion! I was really surprised and am happy to see them more often this summer…

What a stressful week, I’m so glad it’s over now. Didn’t get much sleep this week as I was spending most of the time brainstorming and making the final decision on the blog schedules for the next weeks. There are a lot new things and topics to come up, but¬†I can’t tell for now ;) Todays look is just perfect¬†for this sunny weather and pretty to wear¬†off-duty.

Off the Shoulder And Bohemian Love

Can’t believe that off the shoulder tops¬†have found their way back to fashion! I was really surprised and am happy to see them more often this summer season. Already seen at London Fashion Week this year, I¬†believe it¬†won’t take them too long to be on¬†Vienna’s¬†streets very soon. I couldn’t deny to get me this white top that is not only a fringe-boho mix but also made of cotton material. Although it’s a crop top that shows off my bellybutton,¬†for general I don’t feel really comfortable about that, it has proven a casual and comfy style. I enjoyed the striking details¬†and am inspired by¬†the¬†light V-cutting. ¬†I remember the square neckline cut back then in my school days, which I in person¬†didn’t like, as the boobs appeared a size smaller than they usually were¬†– you girls know¬†this trouble very well :P These slippers are also new in – So happy to made this lucky find at sale as they came in a quite reduced price. A classic shoe at first sight but the studs on the heel are really¬†catchy!

off the shoulder-2


Off the shoulder top: TOPSHOP
Jeans: MANGO
Slippers: Aldo
Bag: Vintage
Eyewear: i-am

off the shoulder-7
off the shoulder-5off the shoulder-8off the shoulder-11
off the shoulder-6

off the shoulder-4off the shoulder-14

BTW: I have good news about Zalando – from now on you can easily¬†order Topshop pieces through Zalando! I¬†couldn’t wait to order the¬†first piece ;)

What plans do you have for the weekend? Relax and enjoy!
xx Bella

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