Nude Coats – 5 Must-Haves To Own Before Christmas

In my last post I was talking a lot about my addiction for nude coats. Every year around christmas time the shopping fever overcomes me.

In my last post, I was talking a lot about my addiction for nude-coloured coats. Every year around Christmas time the shopping fever overcomes me.

My thoughts are all about long and tailored coats and they make me wanna buy at least a new one every year. Every time I go shopping I find it very hard to find coats that are really good in quality. My little mood boards brought me to the idea to do another inspirational collage for you guys on the blog today.

Nude Coats: Go budget-friendly first!

When I surf the internet, the first things I’ll always check are sales before Christmas time. This nude coat by Dorothy Perkins is suited for everyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. When trying out new trends or different colours I go for the budget-friendly version first.

Topshop has it all…

Okay, let’s get tot the point: No one could ever imagine the world without Topshop or Asos! When looking for a fancy Christmas sweater or nice patterned trousers I’ll always check Topshop first. I found a nude coat that’s quite similar to the one I wore in my Monday look which was by Zara.  I would say it’s the twin version.

Because I’m a Betty Barclay Fan…

As I’m a huge Fan of the Designer Betty Barclay, this nude one goes first. It has a light touch of vintage related to the button row and reminds me of the 1960s. Compared to the others it’s not so expensive.  The price is worth it and you still get a nude coat in good quality.

ltr.: 1,2,3

High-End Coats

There are actually two coats in the high-end designer class that caught my eye. I have a favour for British designer and I couldn’t deny sharing my two favourites with you. The button friends should definitely go for this dark nude coat by Alexander McQueen. Last but not least the beloved Stella McCartney coat with its timeless style that stands on top of my wish list. Can’t wait for the day to come when I’m going to buy it!



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