Newsboy Cap – My 20ies It-Piece


Cap, Berets and Newsboy Cap? Believe me you are going to need those pieces more than ever before.

Since it’s snowing all day in Vienna it’s hard to find garments in my closet that doesn’t look like heavy duty. Although I love snow, I hope it’s going to snow less the next days.

Newsboy Cap – My Preference for the Golden Age

Always on the lookout for some new inspiration I enjoy finding them in the 19th century and especially their glorious decades. There were the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and more but above all of them the 20s were the one’s that I were awed by he most. When I had to style my final look to pass my styling course I decided for the 20s decade because of the glamour and the „Golden Age“. This Newsboy cap has it all and is so 20s! It’s one of the old pieces that I rescued from being tossed (Yes I have to rescue them from myself haha) and that I never wanted to wear because it wasn’t the right time. Somehow, I never thought it would suit me that well, now that I have a Long Bob.



Newsboy Cap: C&A (similar)
Coat: ZARA (similar)
Overknees: ZARA (similar)
Shopper: MANGO (similar)
Turtlenecksweater: ZARA (similar)
Jeans: MANGO (similar)



Besides the fact that I did some successful reuse with the newsboy cap I’m happy to show you my new hearted over knees. What a pity, that I didn’t have the chance to introduce them earlier to the blog but the weather just put a spoke in my wheel. I’ve always been more the stiletto girl that’s why I had my doubts about shoes with platform heels. They always appeared clumsy and unsexy in my memory but this thoughts are gone by now. I got this comfy over knees at Zara’s winter sale and there’s nothing bad I have to say about them. Since I’ve been on the lookout for comfy boots for months, I’m happy I’ve struck lucky!


Winter time is always a bit of a style challenge to me. What would life be without them, right? After having this snowy situation for almost two weeks it can be hard to put a pretty outfit together. I’m just bubbling with new ideas, so let’s wait what comes next ;)

Enjoy your weekends!


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