National Siblings Day – Meet Bryony and Ellie


Happy National Siblings Day. It’s the day to celebrate your twin, sibling, your partner in crime and the bond you share with. What should be already on your agenda today is a fun night out, some after work cocktails and maybe even a couple rounds at the bowling hall. Give yourself a break from daily life and let revive the good days, when Funny Feet popsicles existed and you were allowed to eat sweets stuff without regret. Only you two know about the secret spots and the walls in your home that are filled with childhood memories and laughter and the hidden and already forgotten treasures.

Although National Siblings Day is not a federal holiday it is already recognised across 49 states since 1998. And who created this day? It was Claudia Evart, a New Yorker woman, to honour her brother and sister who both died very young, with Evart’s late sister Lisette passing away on the 10th of April. Thanks to her, National Siblings Day found its way to being shared and celebrated around the world.

My sibling and younger brother lives and works in my hometown Vienna. We share the awkward kind of brother-sister relationship, who constantly WhatsApp each other, follow each other on Instagram but we barely talk when we meet. We’ve never had that kind of BFF-bond where we talked through day and night. Of course, we were silly like every other kid, cruising in my mum’s kitchen with cooking tops in our hands imagining we were driving sports cars. Although we didn’t have the usual brother-sis relationship we always kept each other up-to-date with what was happening in our lives.

But I knew it wouldn’t be easy when I told him I was moving to London. He was actually the first one to agree with me on my decision to move abroad although he knew that I was going to visit him only a couple times a year. But we also had more situations in life where we disagreed, which is pretty normal I guess. Whoever got pissed off first, we’ve got our own way to deal with it; a smile or goofy face was more than enough to calm the waves and we never made a big drama out of it.

Although National Siblings Day might be at first all about your biological brother and sister, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. A true friendship can become sisterhood or brotherhood too and shouldn’t be forgotten that day. Meet Bryony Jewell and Eleanor Weaver, two English Drama students aged 22, who bumped into each other the cheesiest way possible: at the bus station on their first day to uni.

If you had just one place in the whole world that you would love to go to, where would it be? Why would you want to go there?

Bryony: I’m dreaming of summer right now & would love to see Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Ellie went to Denmark on her ‘Year Abroad’ and the pictures are beautiful- so jel!

Ellie: I love to travel so narrowing down to one place is ridiculously hard! I would absolutely love to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights, a bucket list item I’m desperate to tick off. Otherwise, I’d love to road trip across the US and visit the national parks. You don’t quite get views like that sitting at home.

The top 5 movies that your best friend simply can’t live without?

Bryony: I can’t actually remember the last time we watched a movie together. This last term of uni’s been crazy! I do know for certain that El’s just binge watched Peaky Blinder’s and her go to for de-stressing is Red Dwarf though; and can’t Tv be even better than a film sometimes?!

Ellie: We are definitely more into TV show binging when we should be doing uni work! It’s just so easy to slip in and out of. Her faves are Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl. I haven’t watched them myself but I feel I might have to; they’re constantly talked about at home! (XOXO right?)

Imagine you’re alone on a desert island. What three things would you be taking with you?

Bryony: lipstick, sun cream and water. Got to stay pretty and practical at all times right?! Ellie would have to take Pepsi- not sure she could live without her daily fix!
Ellie: Yes for a lifetime supply of Pepsi Max, I am addicted. I would also have to bring a camera and music. Gotta keep that Instagram game strong while sunbathing to some tunes!

Who tends to be a morning person?

Bryony: were both pretty good in the morning, to be honest. Ellie’s really focused when it comes to getting things done and gets out of the house super fast. I’ll be awake but perhaps not ready to face the outside world quite as fast as her.
Ellie: We’re both good in the mornings though I would definitely just stay in bed if I could. That uni work doesn’t happen on its own though! Bryony is definitely better in the mornings after a night out; how she can function with lack of sleep, I’ll never understand

What makes your bond so special? How do you complement?

Bryony & Ellie: I always say it was fate that we’re friends. We both didn’t get our choices of accommodation at uni & ended up at another campus. It took a couple of weeks for us to actually decide “yup this girl is my pal now” but then all the funny similarities started to come out. We do identical degrees, both our families are Bristol City FC fans & we were both raised on Red Dwarf. What are the chances!

If your friend had one job in the world that he or she could do forever, what would it be?

Bryony: Writing for a magazine about culture and fashion and all the happy things- and she’d be fabulous at it!

Ellie: Editor for a fashion magazine like Vogue or Glamour, her style is on point so she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

What is the one thing about your friend that you admire most?

Bryony: I admire Ellie’s positive attitude to life. She’s always happy and working towards something, it’s incredible. If it’s not long days at the library, it’s the gym or working. The dedication is impressive. Oh, and also how fun Ellie is. Nobody makes me laugh quite like her. Never a dull night with this gal & a couple of jäger bombs *and there’s always jäger!*

Ellie: You can tell we’re uni siblings because I admire Bry’s positivity too: she’s a little ray of sunshine! She’s a little kooky and weird like me so I always have someone to crazy dance with to a bit of Ed Sheeran. She never fails to make me laugh and is always there for my uni moans, chatter and gossips. I also admire her style: always effortlessly cute, fun and she’s the queen of wine related decor!

Your all-time TV series that you love to binge together? What do you nibble during the breaks?

Bryony & Ellie: We do both love a bit of Great British Bake Off. Sitting down for Bake Off Wednesdays was the highlight of the week! Still not accepted that’s not a thing anymore. Our housemate is a baking enthusiast so luckily for us we got to sample all kinds of baked treats while we judged everyone else’s pastries in the screen!

Where do you see your friendship in future?

Bryony: I can’t imagine a future without hilarious updates from Ellie. The situations we get ourselves into are second to none. Hopefully, in 5 years time, we’ll be able to drink some Pornstar Martinis in a London bar and joke about all the times we had at uni, still as sassy, silly and special as we were 4 years ago when we first met.

Ellie: Aannnd amen.

What Ellie wore: Denim dress by Primark
What Bryony wore: Dress by American Eagle Outfitters

Amazing Photography all by Lucy Alice B. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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