My Summer Perfume Collection

My perfume collection might be mini but I use every bottle down to the last drop. So what are my fragrance suggestions this summer? Check out the list…

Hey guys! So many new perfumes and fragrances have made it to the stores and there are still many more waiting to be tested. When it comes to perfumes I have a favour for a certain scent to which I stick most of the time. I can say for sure that I’m not into sweet smells such as strawberry, vanilla and the super sweet ones – they remind me of food every time and aren’t my thing. I shop for fragrances basically twice a year and I go for the big bottles that get me through the year. My perfume collection might be mini but I use every bottle down to the last drop. So what are my fragrance suggestions this summer? Check out the list below.

Mini Perfume Collection

Calvin Klein – One

I call it my Monday to Friday perfume. It’s a light but fresh fragrance and perfect to wear to the office.   It’s not the most conspicious one, but that’s exactly what makes a good daily perfume – light and lovely!

Atlas Mountain Rose – The Body Shop

The latest fragrance in my collection is the one by The Body Shop. Although I always had my doubts about Rose perfumes I really love the fresh smell of this one. I like to wear it throughout the day as it’s a very light scent.

perfume collection-1 (1)

Versace – Bright Crystal

Whenever I’m out for dinner or a date I go for this pretty little pink crystal bottle. I’m an absolut Versace lover and by the word lover I really mean it. The fragrances are the best ones I ever had and just suit me so well.

Jil Sander – Style

Sporty and casual are the words that describe my looks that I’m wearing to this fragrance. Often I don’t really know which one to choose, but this one is just the perfect in between solution.

Prada – Infusion Iris

I treat this one as my little treasure since I got it as birthday present from my dad. Since I’m totally into fashion he thought Prada might be the right one to choose for me :P To be honest, I’ve been quite sceptical about Prada fragrances as they remain always as strong and “heavy” perfumes in my memory. This one is an exception and is the second one that I’ll go after Versace Bright Crystal.

perfume collection-1 (4)

These are the ones that I use very often and that match perfectly for any occasion or look. What are you wearing this summer?

xx Bella

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