My Nail Story and Gel Removal

I always kept an eye on manicure and having aesthetic hands are one of the most important things to me including pedicure. So here’s my nail story.

As you might have noticed I’ve been having gel manicure since ever since I started blogging. It’s been one of the things that I always kept an eye on, as manicure and having aesthetic hands are one of the most important things to me including pedicure. So here’s my nail story.

Whether I was in the office typing most of the day on the keyboard or just being outside at the construction site – I’ve always had perfect nails!
So when did my gel manicure addiction actually start? At the age of 18 it was one of the most hyped things at school and I remember almost everyone I knew had gotten their nails done at a professional manicure studio. So I decided I needed to follow the trend (yep, at least once) but I soon decided that it came with more than one session, as I had to visit my studio every three weeks. Due to fact that it was kind of an subscription I also had the problem of not having enough money. For my first set of gel nails I decided to get rid of them myself – a horrible decision that I still regret!

nail story-1A few years after graduation I decided to give it a second try and went to a professional studio that I’ve found on the internet with lots of reviews. I was so happy with the result and my natural manicure that I stayed with this nail studio for almost two years. It was also the last one that I’ve been to and I didn’t change it inbetween. To be honest: I’ve always struggled with the actual gel nail design. They’ve always looked cheap, too long and weren’t worked properly, as the gel always tend to come off or split. However, I’ve always had a good connection with my manicure Shahin and she always had an ear for my nail requests. I think it’s important to have a good relation with your manicure, as it’s much easier then to communicate your thoughts and wishes when making appointments in future. I’ve never left the studio without beautiful cared-for hands and she worked very hygienic. When there’s something you should check before getting your nails done at a local studio, it’s the workplace – that was really important to me. Over the two years I’ve got my nails done in so much beautiful colours, perfect for every season ;) She even did my wedding nails, I already knew that when I got engaged, and they were stunning.

nail story -23

So actually it was all about my removal, right? Well, the truth is if I could I would have kept my beautiful manicure, but in case of my decision to move to London I couldn’t. This time I decided the right way, and got them professionally removed. This is how my nails actually look like, quite short with a thin layer of gel on it. She instructed me to do a 1 month nail hardener treatment, which I’m still doing and my nails seem to get stronger each time. It’s a process that takes it’s time, but I’m actually happy with the result. Although I’ve got the gel removed, I was surprised that my nails were under such good conditions. Nevertheless I miss my manicure, but I’m happy to have short nails atm, as I’m quicker in typing, collecting coins from the floor (oh good how I remember!) and I already became a messaging pro.

What are your thoughts on gel manicure? Is it a trend that you’re still following or not?

xx Bella

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