July Escape – Inspiration Monday

This Monday inspirational pics might be the right thing for you to get you in a cooling, chilling mood. They remind me of a beautiful July escape, a cool…

The last couple days were super hot and I spend most of the time lying on my sun lounger and drinking cold iced drinks. Yesterday was the hottest day of this month with 38 degrees setting every body to alarm and turning a sweat situation into a dripping wet one Рyesterdays temperatures were really unbearable.

July – Escape The Heat

I’m happy to see that the weather and especially the temperatures are more¬†cool and chilly. This week is going to be a little more relaxed than the last ones, as I don’t have to work that much. Good for me, as I got more time for doing some editorial planning for the upcoming months ;) In case you need a little recover from the heat wave, here are my favourites escape pics for July. These might be the right ones if you want to get yourself in a cooling, chilling mood. Although I haven’t planned going on vacation this month, they¬†remind me of a beautiful July escape, a cool off in the sea, a sunset beach walk and some pretty good cocktails.

july escape-1
july escape-3
july escape-12july escape-2

july escape-4july escape-10

july escape-7 july escape-8 july escape-9

Images: UnsplashJay Mantri

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