Mohair Style – Ocherous Autumn

Ocher coloured and more colours are the signal stains for autumn breezes; together with the materials like kashmir, wool and mohair they play a big part in this seasons’ style.

Ocher coloured, cinnabar red and much more colours are the signal stains for fresh autumn breezes; together with the materials like cashmere, wool and mohair they play a big part in this seasons’ style. The sudden change of weather during last week caught me by surprise, but it gives me the opportunity to wear coats again, which I’m glad of. Coats are typical allrounders and they always look – no matter if you combine them with accessories or decide to keep it simple with a mohair coat.

Mohair Style-Yay or Nay?

When it comes to a special fabric like mohair, my first thought would be¬†grandmothers¬†good old wardrobe. I associate it with the long coats and cozy bonnets that were always fluffy and huge in my memories. If I would still think in this¬†way, the mohair coat wouldn’t have made it to my wardrobe yet. No guts, no glory. I’m glad that I added¬†another special coat to my little collection. The intense ochre colours and the soft material made it become on of my fave coats. I’m generally more the autumn girl, and you would rather find me swapping my bikinis and hot pants¬†for¬†some¬†good pair of boots and cozy coats. The mohair coat is very special to me, and whenever I wear it, it never leaves me¬†shiver with cold. The coat will be put to the test, when the real cold¬†season kicks in. But enough of mohair coats, let’s talk about my alltime favourite: Leggings! I really like to wear them in public when they come with great patterns and cool prints. Especially ornaments and chess patterns in black and white caught my eye. There’s still one pattern I will never get used to and that would be animal prints. You probably won’t find me wearing them! They just remind me too much of the 80s¬†not the good but the worse 80s style ;) On weekends I often head to the city for¬†some quick shopping, a nice walk through the city and there’s nothing better than going for a comfy look. I even like to mix them up with my sweaters and on early mornings when being on the rush. Keep that in mind, leggings are much more worth than just being part of your homewear ;)

What do you think about mohair coats? Let me know in the comments below!


mohair mohairmohair mohair mohair  mohairmohairmohair

Mohair coat: Zara (Similar)

Ankle boots: H&M (Similar)

Shoulder bag: Zara (Similar)

Leggings: Calzedonia (Similar)

White shirt with rhinestones: Pimkie (Similar)

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