Mauritius #1 – Honeymoon & Impressions

Yes, it’s true I’ve been to Mauritius for my honeymoon for one week. After all that „wedding thing“ the hubby and I urgently needed our time off to relax and to celebrate.

Yes, it’s true I’ve been to Mauritius for my honeymoon for one week. After all that „wedding thing“ the hubby and I urgently needed our time off to relax and to celebrate.  honeymoon_sorayaWe have booked a high recommended hotel that I found fortunately in a Vogue issue this year. Everything I read about the athmosphere, the food and the white sand were as we expected. Normally I don’t book hotels when I see them in the newspaper because they are upper class and very expensive but in that case we decided to go for Vogue’s recommendation and we didn’t regret it. I was lucky to meet new people, to get to know the mauritian culture and that made me think of another chapter to write about on the blog.IMG_3821_w

It’s new to me and for usually I’m not that type of geographic and lifestyle reporter. It was an amazing experience and because it shouldn’t be only a memory I wanted to share it with you. If there are any new destinations coming up, you can be sure to find them in the new category „lifestyle“ ;)

Honeymoon – Mauritian Food at One and Only Le Saint Géran

IMG_3973_wI love to cook honestly! I love to experiment with spices since I knew the persian kitchen from my mother and I always watched her when she did the dainty dishes.

Chili and spicy dishes are one of my faves and even my boy’s still wondering how I manage to eat it. The mauritian kitchen on our honeymoon contained a lot of spices, fruits and fish and we treated ourselfes to some fine food. What a yummy experience ;)

Honeymoon-Challenging France? Oui!

IMG_3836_wFrench is a language that I still can’t speak. I was a happy and lucky girl to have my husband with me who spoke french very well. The staff was very pretty so I didn’t have problems to order something away. What we found out during our sightseeing tours and talks with the natives was that the main spoken languages were french and creole. What I noticed while listening with half an ear was the strong dialect. A very interesting language and I was really sad that I left Mauritius without learning any word.

Honeymoon-What A View
View through Grand Basin
Chamarel Park

When we arrived at our honeymoon suite we didn’t expect to get a room directly in front of the sea. But somehow we were lucky winners to get the best room in the complete hotel. The terrace was only a few meters away from the white sand and after all this months it was the only thing I needed. The beach was great and I loved sitting next to the sea at sunset to type my blogposts.

Beach at Saint Géran

I was clear-headed and far away from home and this little island was just perfect and right on time. We decided to split our honeymoon journey and went back home earlier. For now I’m sitting in the beautiful Aix-en-Provence having a glass of wine on the terrace, writing my last post before leaving on saturday back to Vienna. Before you’re going to ask how I made it to France: I planned another honeymoon trip and there is a lot to tell about that journey- Pics to follow ;)

Hope you’re all fine and ready for the upcoming weekend!




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