Makeup for Spectacles #1 | Shortsighted

How to highlight your brand new spectacles – here’s my tutorial with some insider tips from me to you – Makeup for Spectacles shortsighted gives…

Hey guys! It’s the mid of the week and I hope you’re all doing well. I noticed that I never shared with you my Youtube tutorials that I’ve been publishing every week ¬†and so I thought this Thursday is just the right time to do! So I just created a new category in the menu above, which will include all the YouTube videos from now on. A lot of people have been asking me how I manage to do makeup for spectacles, especially because I wear mine most of the time.

In case you’ve been looking for the perfect makeup to highlight your brand new spectacles – here’s my tutorial with some insider¬†tips from me to¬†you. Makeup for Spectacles 1¬†gives you some useful tips on how to deal with being shortsighted and what to do to receive the perfect daily makeup look. If you’re interested in makeup for farsighted people, wait until next Thursday for the upload and I will link it here.

Psst..My videos are basically in my Native language,German, but I hope the pictures do the job ?

xx Bella

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