Makeup Cleanout and Collection

After spending more than three hours in one of my favourite room in the house, I finished my final cleanout and was surprised how much it was.

I’m getting closer to my final departure and I’m even more nervous now. The first thing I knew I needed to do, was to clean out my makeup. Basically I’ve been doing this once a year to keep my beauty stuff organised, but this time it was much bigger and more things to sort out.

As in one of my posts a time ago, I’ve shared with you some useful tips on how to decide if you’re makeup’s still in good quality or not. I also created an expiring list for you to remind you of the different expiring dates of foundation and powders. Todays post is more about the why and what – the things that I sorted out and¬†some personal rules¬†that I follow everytime. Btw Grace wasn’t really impressed about the whole thing, but she decided to join for a picture :P

Take-it-or-Toss-It Rules


The Smell

It might sound weird, but the smell of an product is very important. If a product has a kind of an chemical smell, there’s no doubt of tossing it. The products that are more likely to smell are eyeshadows and blushes but also many lipsticks and liquid liners. Mascara’s should be cleaned out every six month or when they’re already dried out. A good way to check that is by it’s smell.

The Consistency

Whether it’s a cream or a liquid foundation, the liquids give you an obvious proof. I don’t want to go too much into detail, but let’s say if it get’s sticky or clumpy, don’t even think about keeping it – toss it girl! I cleaned¬†out all my foundations and concealers, as they¬†were not really liquids anymore.

The Colour

If your fave makeup undergoes colour changes (f.e. brown to green) it should already make up your mind to sort it out. This happened to my liquid blushes and some of my CC concealers too.


After spending more than three hours in one of my favourite room in the house, I finished my final makeup cleanout and was surprised how much it was. The things that I decided to keep just filled 2 boxes, but these are the ones I use on a daily basis. So happy to tick that off on my To-Do List, as there’s still more then enough things to do. I have also filmed my makeup collection which I will be uploading on my channel tomorrow afternoon – so keep an eye on that ;)

xx Bella

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