Makeup Care – Take or Toss? Best before…

When I passed my makeup artist course a few years ago, I learned about makeup care and expiring dates for the first time. It was nothing new to me…

When I passed my makeup artist course a few years ago, I learned about makeup care and expiring dates for the first time.

It was nothing new to me, but actually I didn’t care about it. I remember the times when I carried my mascara for more than six months with me and didn’t have any¬†doubts using it. Thanks to the Bobbi Brown books I found a very useful list that tells a lot about makeup care and reminds¬†me of expiring dates. Since that time I check my makeup stockings two times a year where I¬†decide if I keep or toss cosmetics.

Make-Up Care and Storage

At the beginning of every year I start thinking about reorganizing my makeup table and making room for new stuff. Since I have not only cosmetics for my own use but also for clients I have started writing down a list with all my foundations, primers and powders-These are the products that are rapidly being used up.

makeup care

Where did I get the table?

I got it at IKEA¬†including the makeup boxes. The are very useful and help me organize the small stuff like lipsticks (which I have in excess!) and all sorts of pencils.¬†It comes in handy since it gives me an overview of the small things that I’m likely to loose very easily- true story.

makeup care

Have you ever dealt with the makeup care and expiring dates of cosmetic products? If not, you should from now on. Thinking about mascara f.e. which¬†comes in tubes, turned out to be very¬†susceptible to¬†have bacterial and fungal growth. Keep that in mind if you¬†use¬†your mascara until they’re dry and clumpy :P Below¬†you’ll find my very own list with all important beauty¬†products and their expiring dates. You’re allowed to save it or print it out if you want to ;)

makeup care

Have a nice day!



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