More Than Lush Bath Bombs

I just made a huge found and did lots of beauty shopping the last two weeks. The headline already gave you a hint of what I’m going to share with you today. Lush Lovers perk up your ears!

I just made a huge find and did lots of beauty shopping the last two weeks. The headline already gave you a hint of what I’m going to share with you today. Lush Lovers perk up your ears!

Lush Got Me Overload

Lush products weren’t really new to me. The first person that introduced me to them was actually my husband! I always had their lovely Lush bath bombs and I’m still a fan of their bubble baths – Lavender is still one of my favourites! I’m more and more looking for products that doesn’t include parabens and I have an interest in the ingredients of the products I apply to my skin. Natural products are on top of my list, which is why I’m willing to spend more money on those. Lush isn’t the cheapest solution, I know, but to me it’s worth for what I get for the price. Let’s have a closer look a my current favourites:



I have tried many shaving cremes but this one is definitely my little wonder. After shaving for many years, the results aren’t that perfect as they were in the beginning. I started changing my shaving creams every week but I was very unhappy with the drugstore products I got. One of my biggest problems is my sensitive skin, which is why all the products that I’ve tried irritated my skin. Although I didn’t go for the big bottle yet I can say that I definitely will. The shaving results are smooth and last much longer than I first expected.

Ocean Salt

Another peeling sample that I’ve tried. Because of the seasalt it really opens up the pores and removes blemishes with ease.


Doesn’t it look like wholegrain bread? I would say yes. Not only the look but also the smell is a lot like whole grains. I’m wearing makeup everyday because of my job as makeup artist and skincare is a must to me. I have often little skin blemishes that appear from time to time and I can easily remove them with this face soap. Applied on my wet skin, I softly rub it in circle movements. When it builds a slight foam, you’re ready to wash it off. It became part of my morning routine and I love the fresh feeling it leaves on my skin.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner


I am so happy to have made this huge find at Lush! I have really dry skin and I tried so many oily lotions but none of them really worked for me. The driest part of my body are my shinbones and when bare legs season starts it’s always a daunting task to keep them moisturized during the day. One of my friends, who’s a little more addicted to Lush products than I am, suggested me to go for Argan. Although I’ve heard about Argan and it’s benefits for dry skin, I actually haven’t tried it before. I decided to buy it and couldn’t wait to test it. What really confused me was the word “Conditioner”. I already knew what a hair conditioner was but I never knew that body conditioners existed too. However, this cream is a lifesaver and it also has a lovely smell. Applied on damp skin, I’ll leave for 1 to 2 minutes and then wash it off like a shower gel. When towelling myself I am gentle and instead of rubbing I dab my skin to keep it moisturized.

That’s it for now and I could talk on for hours about these lovely products. So, if you having a bad week, pop into the next Lush store and relax with one of their bubble baths :)

Happy Humpday!

xx Bella

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