Long Bob – Hair Update


My hair is gone or let’s just say „Hello Long Bob“. I decided for a new haircut before the holidays and visited my fave hairdresser Christine Wegscheider.

She cut my hair the last time and I was very happy with the result so why don’t go for another?

Hair Rescue Operation and Bye Bye Ombre

When I decided to have the trendy Ombre 1 1/2 years ago I never thought it would damage my hair that much. The reason why I wanted it so badly was because of the beautiful highlighting it added to the hair-ends that made them appear like being bleached by sun. Although I never bleached my hair before I wanted to give it a try. It turned out it was the worst decision I ever made after finding my hair-ends completely damaged and with split ends. It was a bad experience that I’m never going to repeat again and I’m happy that it’s gone for good.

BTW: They pics were shot by Violet Fleur. A great Thank You for being my photographer on that windy day!

When getting rid of the last centimeters I took the opportunity to go for a long bob since it was always something I wanted to try out.


The Classy Long Bob

All I can say about it is that I really love the look. I enjoy reading the blog of Sarah from framboisefashion.com and I just fell for her pretty long bob. It’s a clean and classy haircut thats suits most of the women. I must admit I never got my hair that short but I don’t regret it as it has much more volume now. When I tried to curl my hair with the curling iron I underestimated to short length a lot – shit happens! No worry, I still got both of my hands and my hair didn’t catch fire ;)


Related to my hair colour I didn’t change that much and kept my good old soft brown shades. The blonde is gone for good and I’m not going to become experimental very soon.

A new haircut can be a good change to start a fresh new year. Did you make the decision to visit the hairdresser in the near future?

All the best,

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