London Fashion Week At Brewer Street

Since I’ve been in London there was one thing stuck in my mind that went down on me all day: London Fashion Week.

Since I’ve been in London there was¬†one thing stuck in my mind that went down on me all day: London Fashion Week.

What I’ve learnt so far is that LFW was one of the most crowded events of the year and people from every corner of London will¬†come to see the shows. Although I was used to watching the shows on Live stream the past year, this time I wanted to go for an¬†on-site experience. I wish I was one of the lucky bloggers¬†with an invitation secured in the depths of her¬†bag.¬†No invitation for me this time but maybe in near future:¬†that would be¬†a true trophy! However it didn’t keep me from satisfying my curiosity and so I went to one of the very few published hot spots: Brewer Street at Soho.

london fashion week-4

It’s truly impressing how¬†versatile London’s Streetstyle can be. Whenever I was focusing on one snapshot I almost discovered the next amazing look. I couldn’t get enough of the colours, the atmosphere and the trendy people that came¬†through¬†the back door or left after a show.¬†Nevertheless it took me a while to become comfortable with the situation that I had to “fight” for each picture – Hello Streetstyle photographers! I was lucky to have my Olympus PEN EPL7 with me, as it was really light in weight and handy throughout the afternoon. Although it was quite weird standing next to such professional photographers with my small PEN¬†I didn’t feel ashamed at all.

 london fashion week-3london fashion week-2london fashion week-6london fashion week-5london fashion week-7london fashion week-9

This girl just got me! When she saw the flashlights going on she grabbed her mums camera and became the star for the next 30 mins.¬†So far, so¬†good I was glad for this unforgettable experience – Who knows maybe one day it’s my turn! Have a lovely day!

xx Bella

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