Life’s Like A Pretzel

Somehow it left me with a smile. Sometimes life’s like a pretzel, an infinite loop of events coming back to you that you’ve forgotten sometime ago

Life’s like a pretzel just made it to my number one quotes of today. Sundays aren’t my days or at least not the one’s where I post articles on the blog. This Sunday afternoon was ¬†spent quite untypical and as I’m in preparation mode for my final London move, I sat¬†the last 2 hours in front of my laptop cleaning out my mailbox. 1400 mails doesn’t sound so exciting especially when you know that you’ve kept most of them since 2012,¬†but I knew it had to be done. It happens quite often that I¬†delete¬†my recent mails (having a little¬†backspace button addiction I know) ¬†This time I made sure to start on the last page and went through the list one by one. Especially one email caught my attention, as¬†it was from¬†February 2014, the time when I was still in my old job hoping for a change in¬†my life. I wouldn’t say it was the best time of my life and I have never really talked about it to anyone. But as I told you in one of my posts in the past, civil engineering was never my passion. I did what my parents thought was best for me and of course I never had a doubt about it. Nevertheless I remember the day I wrote the mail to Maddie, the blogger girl behind I had a bad day at work and I was devastated until I stumbled upon her¬†post on Facebook. Actually a friend of mine liked it and you might know the Facebook mystery, when you get curious about what they¬†just¬†read and so I ended up on¬†this post.¬†I¬†didn’t even remember the mail anymore or what I wrote and I totally forgot that Maddie responded to my mail. Now, 1 year later after all the huge changes that I’ve been through I noticed that her respond inspired me to not give up and¬†to take risks on something new. I was inspired and full of energy again and so I quit my job 3 month later. I took the route of self employment and I wouldn’t say the time after was the easiest but¬†I’m so happy I did.
Quite mysterious that right now and exactly one week before my final departure it I found that email again – bewitched! Somehow it left me with a smile. Sometimes life’s like a pretzel, an infinite loop of events¬†coming back to you that¬†you’ve forgotten sometime ago.¬†Thank you Maddie. Thank you for your honest words¬†and¬†for motivating me with just a few lines. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that bring gratitude and happiness into our lives. Finally let me say this:¬†Never give up on yourself and live life the fullest.

Happy Sunday guys!
xx Bella

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